Well worth the wait, solo Enigk shines at ICC

A review of Jeremy Enigk at the ICC-Allston on December 4

, Editor-in-Chief

His voice is so distinctive – that harmonious gritty and passionate wail. Though he is credited with starting the emo movement,& Jeremy Enigk’s talent has gone underscored for the past decade. Touring in support of only his second solo album in the past 10 years, the Sunny Day Real Estate founding member graced the intimate confines of the ICC in Allston last Monday night.

Simplicity is at the forefront on Enigk’s latest release, World Waits, his second solo release and first since 1996’s Return of the Frog Queen. A lot has happened in those ten years, since many thought the Seattle native was bound for leaps of solo success. Instead, he went on to record three more albums with Sunny Day Real Estate and another with a new band he formed, The Fire Theft (now on indefinite hiatus). More so, however, Enigk is a new man with a new perspective on life after his spiritual conversion to Christianity. That awakening is a theme that runs throughout the new album and was prevalent at his ICC show.

World Waits, a collection of songs that date back to the begging of Sunny Day Real Estate, is less sonically complex than his last solo release but it’s that simplicity that allows Enigk to shine brightly throughout the new album. Even more than he is on the record, Enigk was eclectic and powerful before the Boston faithful. From his seat at the keyboard or rocking out with his six-string, Enigk captured the crowd with his soaring crescendos and booming baritones.

Highlights of the set included new tunes “City Tonight,” “Been Here Before,” and “River To Sea.” Enigk also included material from his last solo release including “Explain” as well as hits from his Sunny Day Real Estate tenure including “How It Feels To Be Something On.”

If there was any doubt on whether Enigk had anything left in his tank, World Waits and his Boston performance, should have erased all of it and rightfully placed him back on top.& &

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