Rosey’s Rejects look to build on Boston Music Festival victory

The pride of Revere talks with BMS

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It’s not everyday that a local band gets to play on a huge stage in City Hall Plaza, but when that day came for Rosey’s Rejects, they were ready. "There’s something about our shows," says lead singer Mike Firicano, "that even when we’re playing in a club, it sounds much bigger."

Firicano and company, guitarist Paul Ranzo, drummer Dave Rody, bassist J, and backup vocalist Kim Filocamo, beat out over 150 bands to earn their time on the main stage, then won the main stage battle of the 6 finalists. The week long festival featured unsigned local bands playing showcases and attempting to work their way up to the big City Hall Plaza final.

The band is ready for all things to get much bigger now that they’ve proven themselves on the Boston Music Festival stage. With airplay on local radio stations including WBCN, recording time, and press exposure, more and more people will be hearing from the band. "One of our goals is to record a new full-length," says Firicano. "And we’d really like to explore the possibility of getting signed."

Firicano cites Led Zeppelin, The Who, Bon Jovi and early Aerosmith as the classic touchstones for the band’s music, and newer bands like Fuel or Tonic. "We kind of have a classic feel but with a newer influence," he says.

New things abound for the band, as they have recently welcomed to the Rejects fold two new members, Dave Rody on drums and J on bass. Firicano says the transition hasn’t been too difficult. "It can be, but for the most part we’re always open to new interpretations of our songs. We like to keep the foundation of our songs, but they’re free to customize it and make it their own."

Rosey’s Rejects have developed a loyal following, especially in Revere where they are based, a following that helped vote them into the finals. "There’s a whole network of people and bands that know each other," Firicano says. "Everyone goes to each others’ shows and supports one another."

Asked to describe the Revere scene, Fircano says, "It’s basically similar to the Sunset Strip in L.A. where the Whiskey is. It’s kind of like that, but take it to the Northeast and scale it down, and add the cold weather."

One of the clubs at Revere Beach that the band frequents is Bill Ash’s, where they will be this Friday, October 3. Those interested can expect the band to bring the same high intensity live show that they put on on the big stage. This time you’ll be able to be a lot closer to the action.

Rosey’s Rejects play Bill Ash’s& in Revere on Friday. Fore more info on the band or to listen to their music, visit their MySpace page.

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