Warren G regulates with short but strong set

A review of Waren G at Harpers Ferry on November 7, 2009

, Staff
Anticipation to see headliner Warren G was what kept annoyed fans sticking around at Harper’s Ferry last Saturday night. This reporter, like most fans, thought that Warren G, being the featured artist, would perform myriad tracks from his catalogue. Again like most fans, this reporter, imagined that Warren G would step onto the stage sometime during Saturday night. Alas, when 12:23 Sunday morning rolled around and the headliner had yet to step foot on stage, concert-goers had a right to be annoyed. 
The idea of hearing live Warren G was the faint pulse that kept this show alive. Stepping on stage after too many aspiring local acts, Warren infused a bit of life into a crowd that had flat lined hours earlier. With DJ Sidekick at his back, Warren opened to “This DJ” and began performing CPR (Crowd Pleasing Rap) on the crowd. It seemed to work as he moved to his next song, the aptly named “Do You See”. What everyone could instantly see was a product quality that other acts had been lacking. Concert-goers, at last, got to see what they paid for.
With the hands on the clock yawning closer and closer to 2 a.m., Warren took his show in a different direction. Now that the crowd began to show signs of life, Warren thought that a strong dose of “his partna” Nate Dogg was in order. While addressing the crowd and alluding to the health problems suffered by his cohort, Warren asked the crowd for some help. His remedy was simple: “I’ll rap and you sing Nate’s part!” DJ Sidekick cross-faded his way from Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” to Snoop’s “Ain’t No Fun” into Tha Eastsidaz “Lay Low” and jumping into 50’s “21Questions”. 
The energy was tangible. Warren had resucitated the crowd. After bringing the show back to life, Warren killed it in a good way, when he dropped his most famous track “Regulate”. The crowd went ballistic as they rapped every word and sang every chorus. The show that was so close to dying was alive again, taken off the respirator and surviving on its own.
Warren only performed for about forty-five minutes but it was enough to display a truer sense of craftsmanship. His syrupy, laid back delivery awoke the crowd from their coma and saved the night. Any rapper will tell you that breath control is key and Warren G’s deft display of breath not only unlocked, but breathed new life into a stale crowd. 


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