Katy Perry shines brightly at the House of Blues

A review of Katy Perry at the House of Blues on April 1, 2009

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Compliments of cheeky lyrics, outrageous style and (deliberate) ambiguity regarding her sexual preference, Katy Perry assumed the title of pop music’s "It Girl" in 2008.& Hell bent on retaining her title, Perry’s spirited seventy-five minute performance, filled with witty stories, sexual innuendos, inflatable fruit, a giant pussy cat (Kitty Purry), and a little "Hokey Pokey" proved to the sold out crowd at the House of Blues on Wednesday night that she is anything but a one-hit wonder. She is a star!

As Queen’s "Killer Queen" played in the background, the 24-year-old bombshell took to the stage looking like an uber sexy disco ball from Studio 54. Wearing black hot pants, fishnet stockings, and a sparkling sliver bustier (which she nearly fell out of, prompting her first interaction with the audience to be, “Oh My God! My boobs are coming out tonight!”), and sporting a sleek new bob, Perry kicked off the show with the high energy "Fingerprints" and the title track from her debut pop album One of the Boys.

Perry then warned the audience that she likes to tell stories while on stage, but that she tends to ramble and not make sense, which is the& truth – she is hysterically charming and her stories, while ridiculous, are incredibly relatable. Regaling stories about skate night (roller skating – not skateboarding) and desperately wanting to have a couples skate with a Jonathan Taylor Thomas look-a-like, yet somehow always ending up doing the "Hokey Pokey" with some loser or getting advice from our family about how boys "want the milk and not the cow"-& come on, we have all been there!&

With the audience in stitches, Perry suspended the chatter and performed one of the highlights of the evening, "Hot N Cold". From the first chords of the female anthem of 2008 the audience went wild, which prompted Perry to invite a rabid fan to join her on stage, saying “Dude, You Rock! Someone get him on the fucking stage.”& The two then performed aerobic quasi duet, which was highly amusing, especially when the fan didn’t want to leave the stage.&

Resuming her role as mistress of ceremonies, Perry announced that, “I have a marriage proposal, how sweet; too bad I am a lesbian.” (really?!)& She then went on to congratulate all the good boyfriends in the audience who had come to the show with their significant others, saying that& “good boyfriends go to this show to get into the after show.”

But, just when you think that she is getting soft, Perry does ramble a bit about girls being crazy, "Satan’s period," and about turning a "broken heart into art" before launching into a sing-a-long version of “UR So Gay”. While the lyrics are more amusing than emo, they have an authenticity to them, saying what we all wish we had the courage to say to someone who left us. Oh and if the song doesn’t say it all, she ended the song by holding up a huge sign in the shape of a watermelon with the word ‘PENIS’ written on it& – Ouch!

Perry then asked if anyone had seen her dressed up like Mrs. Claus at the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball last winter, humbled by the huge response, Perry said, “Wow, it is unlikely people come twice, so thanks!” We think that she was talking about, well, we’re not sure. Anyway, she went on to talk about how quickly life can change, and “If I can do this, you can do this… this song goes out to all of you who were here.” She then performed the ballad "Thinking of You", and let me tell you – this girl can sing.

After wishing a fan a Happy Birthday, saying “Don’t piss yourself, we all have birthdays!,” Perry played "Mannequin" and her latest single “Waking Up In Vegas”. Citing Vegas as the birthplace of the Devil (of course she was joking), she said that the song is inspired by what comes after doing five lemon drop shots, humping a pole and waking up to realize that you have been tagged on Facebook. Perry then sang “Lost”, a ballad about the "chaos of the next morning, when you promise you will never do it again.’ Like I said, relatable!

Closing out the main set, Perry played “I Think I’M Ready” for all the "love birds in the audience" and “If You Can Afford Me" for all of those, "who aren’t giving it away for free."

After a quick costume change, this time into a hot pink leopard print cat suit complete with a tail (think Josie & the Pussycats circa 1975), Perry brilliantly performed a cover of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. The lyrics of this song perfectly captured the spirit of the show – "Don’t stop me now/I’m having such a good time/I’m having a ball/Don’t stop me now."

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and not surprisingly, Perry close out the show with energetic version of “I Kissed a Girl" that ended with Perry asking, “Boston, what do you taste like?” before diving into the crowd!

Perry, who is in the midst of her first headlining tour, is quite the enigma. Her sound is a uniquely perfect blend of indie rocker chick meets pop-tart, she is part ‘girlie girl’, yet sings about being ‘One of the Boys’, she “Kissed a Girl” (and liked it), but wishes an ex-boyfriend would "hang himself with an H&M scarf,” she has a bit of a tough girl exterior, yet she is unbelievably likeable – all of which probably explains her broad appeal and why everyone is so bloody interested to see what she will do next.& Stay tuned…

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