The Nightman Cameth to Boston

A review of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' The Nightman Cometh at the House of Blues on September 15, 2009

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes back on FX tonight, allowing fans everywhere to stop holding their collective breath. But opening night came a bit earlier for the lucky die-hards who packed the House of Blues Tuesday night for a special presentation of The Nightman Cometh, the show’s Season 4 musical finale.

With tickets going for hundreds of dollars online and a line from the HOB down to Tequila Rain and then some, it was clear that hopes were high for the show, and the cast of Sunny did not disappoint. Everyone was there – the gang, Artemis, the waitress (if you have to ask, head over to Hulu before finishing the article – you can thank me later).

The musical was played pretty straight from the episode, albeit with a couple of extra songs and a bit more profanity. After a pseudo-rehearsal session which included Charlie’s immortal line, “I will smack your face off of your face,” which drew a roar approval from the crowd.

Frank (aka Danny DeVito) received ovation after ovation for his role as the Troll, although unfortunately he didn’t go naked like back in the 70’s. Mack played his cat-eyed ninja Nightman with a subdued calm that played a nice foil to the high-strung Dennis and the higher-strung Charlie. Sweet Dee held down the feminine side of things with a bit of help from Artemis, though that is up for debate.

The story of the night was the enthusiasm both crowd and cast possessed for each other. The gang looked genuinely delighted to be in front of a live audience who appreciated them, and the fans were more than happy to make their gratitude and adulation known.

Not only were we treated to the 45 minute production of Nightman, but there were also two special screenings – one of the forthcoming Christmas special, which features Charlie asking Santa Claus a few pointed questions, and an episode from the upcoming season containing frat boys, flip cup and skinny jeans. Let’s just say there will be no letdowns this year.

The cult smash “Day Man” was like a Broadway smash gone bizarro, and by the time Charlie hit the stage dressed in a yellow tux with a cardboard sun attached to propose to the waitress (again, if you have to ask…) the House of Blues was rocking. Things only got better when Charlie busted out a harmonica and ripped off a damn good solo. After a reprise of “Day Man” the whole place left more than satisfied.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 starts tonight, September17, on FX at 10:00pm.

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