Incubus rock greatest hits at Comcast Center

A review of Incubus at the Comcast Center on August 1, 2009

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On Saturday night, the word "veritas" (meaning truth) was splashed across one of Incubus’ amplifiers in large white tape. The truth, though surprising to some,& is that these SoCal rockers are still rocking after almost two decades together. Since forming in 1991, Incubus have released six studio albums and is now on the road supporting& their greatest hits compilation, Monuments and Melodies. At the Comcast Center on Saturday, they delivered those hits and more with a 90-minute set that pleased all in attendance.

Starting the show with "Pardon Me" set the pace for the rest of the night. The hit parade continued with "Nice To Know You", "Anna Molly", and "Stellar" (perhaps too much, too soon). The band was all business too, keeping the pace high, with little to no banter from frontman Brandon Boyd sans the occasional ‘thank you’.

Boyd’s vocals were remarkably strong throughout the night. Equally impressive was guitarist Mike Einziger, who delivered some impressive fretwork and multiple solos. Drummer Jose Pasillas and bassist Ben Kenney held down the rhymic foundation while DJ Kilmore infused songs with his turntable scratching and keyboard playing.

The highlight of the night came midway though the band’s set as Incubus unplugged for a mini acoustic set. Boyd and Einziger took center stage (with bass in the rear of the stage) for "Drive". From there, the trio moved onto a stripped down "Make Yourself" before the whole band re-worked "Dig".

Backing their new release, Monuments and Melodies, it was no surprise that the band delivered the majority of the Monuments disc, the greatest hits part of the two-disc compilation set. Surprisingly absent was the band’s latest single& "Black Heart Inertia". While the show was a perfect sing-along set for casual fans, the band did deliver a couple of nuggets including "Redefine" and "A Certain Shade of Green" off 1997’s S.C.I.E.N.C.E. for their longtime fans.

Following a blistering "A Kiss to Send Us Off", the crowd joined for a sing-along of "Wish You Were Here". The band the brought the main set to a close with Einziger playing a pipa (an old four-stringed Chinese instrument). The soothing song was very relaxing and was probably better fit for earlier in the show.

Incubus soon returned for a three-song encore that began with "Are You In?", continued with "Warning", and finished with a funkadelic cover of Prince’s "Let’s Go Crazy" (complete with Boyd delivering the "Dearly beloved…." mini-sermon at the start).

It’s always good for a band to take time to reflect on their career before beginning work on their next album. Incubus has enjoyed one of the most successful of any band born in the 90s. They currently hold the the longest current streak for songs on the Top 20 Modern Rock chart, which is also good for the third-longest in the chart’s history. Soon they’ll return to the studio to begin work on their seventh album and based on Saturday’s show in Mansfield, they should have plenty of inspiration to keep that streak going.

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