Colbie Caillat delivers a ‘Breakthrough’ performance

A review of Colbie Caillat at the Orpheum Theater on October 11, 2009

, Staff Writer

Shifting effortlessly between songstress and storyteller, Colbie Caillat delivered a delightful performance at the Orpheum Theatre on Sunday night. The California starlet thoroughly entertained the near sell out crowd with not only her commanding vocals, but also with her endearing self-deprecating charm.&

Touring in support of her recently released sophomore album Breakthrough, Caillat’s thoughtful, relatable and surprisingly mature lyrics for a 24-year old, proved that she has indeed graduated from MySpace darling to a bona-fide pop star. During her 75-minute set, Caillat’s put her own sweet yet sexy, fragile yet strong, spin on a mix of both original songs and cover tunes.& &

Looking absolutely stunning in jeans, a black tank, metallic shrug and suede lace up boots, Caillat opened the set with an upbeat, danceable song, “I Won’t” from Breakthrough, during which she worked the entire stage and enveloped the audience with her mega watt smile, showing absolutely no signs of her former trademark stage fright.&

Then, perhaps looking for validation or an attempt to manage expectations, Caillat spoke openly about her struggles with stage fright and the extreme steps she took to overcome her fears. Saying, “I really enjoying performing now” and one only needed to listen to her impassioned performance of “One Fine Wire”, a song written about letting yourself down and finding a way to overcome fears, to see how far she has come.

After another new song, “Begin Again”, came one of the highlights of the night, crowd favorite “Realize” from her debut album Coco. Slightly re-mixed in the live setting, the song had an edgier sound than the original and showcased the skills of her talented six piece band, including a guitar solo by Lance Konnerth and background vocals compliment of keyboardist Will Gramling.

After a rather odd interlude featuring the offbeat dance moves of bassist Josh Nyback, Caillat deviated from her original songs, saying, “I had nothing to do with this song, I didn’t write it, I just really like it and want to do it for you”, before launching into a brilliantly executed cover of The Pussycat Doll’s smash hit, “Don’t Cha”. With her voice as the focal point, and her surprisingly sexy dance moves an added bonus, this version actually could rival the original. You have to give the girl credit, as it was a ballsy move to cover such a popular song, but she absolutely pulled it off.

Hitting her stride, Caillat engaged guitarist Justin Young in an adorable “ukulele dual” during the song “Tied Down” and then turned the show over to her stage manager, who appeared often during the show to provide comic relief and perhaps take the pressure off Caillat, who then delivered a shockingly solid performance of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”.

Slowing things down a bit, Caillat returned to her roots saying, “I am going to sing this song acoustically, as I think that it is the best way to sing songs. It takes me back to the days of when writing songs was therapy and I performed in coffee shops, so I am going to take you back to where I first started”, before beautifully performing “I Never Told You.” Caillat then rounded out the main set with “The Little Things” and the first single from Breakthrough, “Fallin’ For You”.&

Back on the main stage with Young by her side, Caillat performed “Lucky”, a collaboration that was originally recorded with Jason Mraz, during which the chemistry between the two was palpable. As expeected, she ended the night by performing the song that made her a household name, “Bubbly”.& &

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