Black Eyed Peas bring the energy to Boston

A review of the Black Eyed Peas at the TD Garden on February 26, 2010

, Contributing Writer

Touring in support of the Grammy Award winning The E.N.D., short for The Energy Never Dies, the Black Eyed Peas hit Boston on Friday night for a show that lived up to its name for a capacity crowd at the TD Garden.

The Black Eyed Peas took the stage one by one through the floor in a shroud of smoke and green lazers that kicked off the futuristic whirlwind that is their digitally enhanced show. As soon as the crew was assembled they launched right into “Get It Started” which brought the crowd to their feet where they would remain for the entire two-hour performance. “Rock That Body” followed quickly after and the audience happily obliged as Fergie and company made great use of the giant walkway that extended off the stage and into the frenetic general admission floor. Fergie started “Meet Me Halfway” as a solo but was quickly joined by her bandmates who popped up on various levels of the expansive stage. At one point flew over the stage and then landed to strap on a keytar which he barely even played, I guess when you’re you can do whatever you want and the crowd will still embrace it. “Don’t Funk With My Heart” ended the upbeat introduction of the show and the entire group left the stage. appeared moments later and began a freestyle rap based on BBMs that the crowd sent in before the show began. It was impressive to say the least and allowed to show he hasn’t lost his touch. While it did seem a bit contrived the crowd wasn’t left much time to contemplate the authenticity as the Peas reunited on stage with glittery costume changes for their latest radio hit “Imma Be.” Fergie got to flex a certain set of muscles with some interesting choreography on “Lady Lumps” which had the men in the audience in the palm of her hand. She followed up by showing off her vocal muscles on “Missing You.”

The middle part of the show featured solo performances from each member of the Black Eyed Peas. was first up with a semi unintelligible rendition of “Mare” that was saved by some excellent break dancing at the end of the walkway. Taboo’s solo section was a fast paced rap that he performed while flying over the crowd on a glowing motorcycle. Fergie followed in a sparkling Tinker Bell inspired dress with “Fergilicious” which segued into “Glamorous” with help by opening act Ludacris. “Big Girls Don’t Cry” ended he solo set with the loudest sing along of the night from the Boston crowd. was the last to take the stage solo as he asked the crowd, “Can I transform the Garden into a nightclub so I can DJ for you?”. And DJ he did, for 15 minutes. While the mixing and song selection was great with hits like “Thriller”, “Jump Around”, “Sex on Fire”, and “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”, the set seemed a bit out of place during a concert where people came to see the Black Eyed Peas perform their own songs.

The group returned for “Now Generation” but the crowd was slow to react and the song ultimately fell flat. The surf hooks of “Pump It” was what it took to shake the crowd out of its stupor and took a few minutes to thank the crowd for what he called the best night of the tour so far (Boston was the twelfth stop on a one hundred show tour). The Peas gathered at the end of the walkway to close out the main set with “Where Is The Love?” while the Garden was beautifully illuminated with cell phone light. Leaving the stage in darkness the crowd finished the final chorus of the song as sang from back stage.

Not to be left alone for long, the Peas jumped through the floor in yet another costume change to close out the show with two of their biggest hits to date. First was “Boom Boom Pow”, which had the crowd fist-pumping and the Garden floor shaking. The night came to a close with “I Gotta Feeling” which brought the crowd to their peak of insanity.


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