White Rabbits bring the noise to Paradise

A review of White Rabbits at the Paradise Rock Club on April 14, 2012

, Staff Writer

White Rabbits closed out a four-week tour at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on Saturday night, and you missed it.

That’s what it felt like anyway. For a band known for their energetic live performances, White Rabbits are usually a pretty solid draw. Saturday’s show wasn’t nearly as packed as their last visit to the same venue. No matter, for those that did make it to the show, the band delivered a performance that proved they are ready to take things to the next level.

The set was a seamless blend of material off their new album Milk Famous and a smattering a favorites from Fort Nightly and It’s Frightening. Opening with the haunting chiller “Heavy Metal,” the six piece from Brooklyn were clearly on top of their game from the get-go. “I’m Not Me” was a melodic dance-rock jam, offset by the desperate pleadings of “Lionesse.”

The sheer force of their music is overwhelming at times. To describe White Rabbits as percussive would be an understatement. The drumming alone is a phenomenon of its own. Nowhere is this more apparent on their most well-known hit, 2009’s “Percussion Gun,” a massive display of, well, percussion. It’s a song that sounds huge on record, and explodes to epic proportions when performed live.

White Rabbits provided an encore performance of “Danny Come Inside,” finishing the night with a guitar-driven puncher after a night of piano jams.

Opening act Gull was a trippy one-man band, looping guitar licks and pumping out some serious drum beats while singing through a fuzzed-out mic behind a mask. It was bizarre at first, but turned out to be a pretty cool trance act.

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