Disorientation lives up to its name at Pavilion

A review of WFNX's Disorientation at the Bank of America Pavilion on September 13, 2008

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Featuring an eclectic mix of both established and emerging alternative acts, WFNX’s Disorientation 2008 hit the Bank of America Pavilion on Saturday night. While it was an ideal evening for an outdoor show on the Boston waterfront, the evening’s acts were all over the map, both in terms of genres and actually performances resulting in a feeling of well, it must be said, ‘disorientation’.

For the handful or so of fans that made it out early, Does It Offend You, Yeah? played a short set featuring a rarely heard genre, electro-rock (hard rock meets techno). Most of the songs performed by the quartet from Reading, England were instrumental or included heavily synthesized vocals that failed to capture the small crowd’s attention. With its more mainstream sound, “Dawn of the Dead” from their debut album You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into was the highlight of the set.

Filling in for Rogue Wave, who cancelled two Boston area appearances due to an injury to singer and guitar player Zach Rogue, was Anberlin. While they deserve credit for stepping in last minute, their performance was completely uninspired. During their thirty-five minute set, the hard rocking Floridians were all over the place in terms of sound and lacked a cohesive performance. While playing songs from their four studio albums, including "Godspeed", "Paper Thin Hymn", “Dismantle, Repair” and a song from their upcoming CD, “Breaking”, lead singer Stephen Christian and lead guitarist Joseph Milligan seemed to be unaware that there were three other band members, resulting in an extremely disappointing performance.

Up next was the surprise performance of the evening, Alkaline Trio. Known for their dark, depressing lyrics, the trio from Chicago finally got the growing crowd on their feet compliments of memorable choruses and upbeat tempos. Opening the set with “Private Eye” from their 2001 CD From Here to Infirmary the band sounded absolutely amazing. With Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano taking turns on lead vocals and drummer Derek Grant on back-up vocals, the forty-five minute set featured songs from their decade long career, including, “Goodbye Forever”, “In Vein” and their latest single “Help Me” from their 2008 album Agony & Irony.

Not only are Alkaline Trio outstanding musicians, but they know how to work the crowd, even turning over the final chorus of “This Could Be Love” to the audience, saying, “You feel like singing tonight Boston, you want to serve the Commonwealth, here is your chance!”& The band dedicated their final song “Radio” to “the people at the Middle East and Avalon who have support us all along”.

In an odd public relations stunt, before The Kooks took to the stage, WFNX DJ Julie Kramer invited the sparse crowd to “move on up [to the front of the venue] and give The Kooks a warm welcome!” And with front of the venue filled with young screaming girls, The Kooks kicked off their set with “Always Where I Need to Be” from their latest album Konk. The band quickly transitioned to “Matchbox” from their 2006 debut album Inside In Inside Out. They also performed, “Ooh La”, “She Moves in Her Own Way”, “Shine On”, Naive” and crowd favorite “You Don’t Love Me”.& Near the end of the show, lead singer Luke Pritchard performed an acoustic version of “Seaside”, which showcased his strong vocals absent of all antics. Hugh Harris then joined him on stage for “Storm Weather” and the entire band closed out their hour long set with “Sofa Song”.

Whether it was Prichard’s energetic, (yet sometimes annoyingly forced) showmanship or the bands near flawless performance or the catchy danceable set list, the quartet from Brighton, England delivered an unexpectedly solid performance. So solid in fact, the crowd chanting for the encore that, unfortunately, would not be.

Due to unforeseen circumstances BMS was unable to stay for headliners, Flogging Molly, who were playing in support of their recent release Float. We apologize to our readers for this inconvenience.

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