WBCN’s Band Camp with Incubus at the Bank Of America Pavilion on August 12

A review of WBCN’s Band Camp with Incubus at the Bank Of America Pavilion on August 12, 2007

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When rock bands that are larger than life, auditory specters that only seem to exist in the realm of frequency, actually present themselves in all of their glitz, glamour and glory to their disciples, mayhem, whether constructive or frantic, is almost surely to commence. Such was the case on Sunday night at the Bank of America Pavilion when rock juggernauts Incubus took the stage as part of the WBCN “Band Camp” show.

Incubus, decorated in platinum and the beneficiaries of one of the most loyal followings in all of rock n\’ roll, hit the stage and delivered a memorable show with an eclectic bag of songs from their myriad records. The crowd was a scene of thousands of screaming diehards working together to form a synchronous polyphonic cacophony as every note came from the depths of front man Brandon Boyd\’s diaphragm. Boyd was, as would be expected from one of the strongest voices in rock, in perfect voice, sounding more like a many dubbed studio cut than a live voice in the midst of a tour.

With hands held nearly at arm\’s length from his mouth, Boyd flirted with vocal highs and lows, his body language and vocal tone admittedly battling one another, frantic yet assured, heartbroken yet hopeful. Drummer Jose Pasillas showed the audience why he is in fact a treasure in rock, laying intricate beat after intricate beat, filling it all in with beautifully melodic precision as he rolled across toms and snare alike.

Seats that were sparsely filled if not entirely empty prior to their set were now bursting with anxious patrons waiting to here their favorite song. When the opening guitar and drum duel from fan favorite "Wish You Were Here” began floating through the air, the Pavilion erupted. "I\’m counting UFO\’s, I signal them with my lighter, and in this moment I am happy, happy." The confidence and exactitude with which Boyd\’s vocals resonate through the chorus, not an easy challenge for any vocalist, was astounding, the crowd\’s assistance playing off of Boyd in a beautiful sort of imitative polyphony.

"Drive" was played to a fanatic reception, a generation of parishioners chanting "Whatever tomorrow brings I\’ll be there, with open arms and open eyes." Whether one was looking to hear tunes off of the band\’s seminal work off Make Yourself, or off their most recent release, Light Grenades, Incubus did not disappoint.

Perry Ferrell\’s latest adventure, and what isn\’t an adventure when Ferrell is at the helm, Satellite Party, warmed the crowd up. Their set was made up of original material off their debut album, ass well as some of Ferrell\’s old favorites from previous catalogs. "Caught Stealing," a hit from Ferrell\’s days with Jane\’s Addiction was among the classics the crowd loved. So too was "We\’ll Make Great Pets," an old Porno for Pyros tune, which got one of the loudest reactions of the entire night, regardless of performer.

The Bravery was unimpressive, front man Sam Endicott sounded like a poorly conceived Robert Smith clone with laryngitis. Their repertoire of hits, a questionable statement in itself, is meager and to the casual fan who may recognize their name from the seldom play on MTV or the accidental listen on the radio, lead to an incredibly tranquil, unenergetic crowd reaction. Final verdict: boring, anonymous and unmemorable.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were victims of a predetermined half hour set. Their music, which spans a number of genres, was not done justice, nor was the band able to do so given the lunch break they were slotted to play in. What they played was fantastic, but seeing them headlining a show (as they did at Avalon earlier this year) would prove much more gratifying, as they would be allowed to explore the full breadth of their sound. They will do soon do so once again when the embark on a co-headlining outing with Kings Of Leon this fall.

WBCN Rock ‘N Roll Rumble champions and local favorites Township opened the show for early attendees.

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