Walk The Moon shine at ‘dise

A review of Walk The Moon at the Paradise Rock Club on June 18, 2012

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The colorful members of Walk the Moon now have an excuse to celebrate, but they always act as if they’d never need one in the first place. Powered by their surprise hit, single “Anna Sun”, the indie pop-rockers hit Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on Monday for a sold out show that proved their promising future.

Walk the Moon’s performances are uniquely marked by their use of paint – not only in their stage décor, but also on their faces. Each band member’s face was adorned with stripes and dots of colors in a tribal-like fashion, a style mimicked by several concertgoers. For a relatively “new” band, Walk the Moon feels comfortable in its gimmick: four twenty-something guys with face paint and Urban Outfitters tees, jumping around and singing about how awesome it is to be young. Their energy and spirit, coupled with their ability to work an already fun crowd, made for a lively atmosphere.

The four-piece band opened with “The Liftaway” off their 2011 debut i want! i want!. From there, the band segued into “Quesadilla” while cuing the crowd to clap at certain parts of the song. Since many of the band’s songs were unfamiliar to the crowd, the enthusiastic foursome made sure everyone got into the show by dancing and jumping around wildly, as well as interacting with the crowd and each other. By the time they got to the third song in the set, everyone was moving around with the same unwavering energy.

Between songs, lead singer and keyboardist Nicholas Petricca mentioned that the show was their last with openers Morning Parade. The departure was honored with bittersweet stage invasions – each band visiting the other while they performed, sharing beers and hugs. Walk the Moon dedicated a brand new song called “Tête à Tête” to their tourmates. “It’s French, not the old Queen’s language or anything,” Petricca joked. Morning Parade thanked them with yet another stage invasion during “Shiver Shiver”, providing the number with a choreographed dance in the background.

Walk the Moon wrapped up their main set with the smash hit “Anna Sun”, which the crowd recognized from the first note on Petricca’s keyboard. The song’s idolization of the carefree college years was visible in the audience, who jumped around and passionately shouted every lyric.

With the crowd begging for more, Walk the Moon happily returned on stage and started their encore with a cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. They were faithful to the original, while guitarist Eli Maiman took liberties with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s legendary riffs, getting entirely lost in the moment. To end the night, the band played “I Can Life a Car” as Petricca danced among his many fans.

Though their set may have been brief, Monday’s show proved it’s only the beginning of a Walk the Moon era, an era filled with face paint and music that perpetuates the beauty of youth.

Much like Walk the Moon, Morning Parade possess a fun and colorful vibe. The British band delivered a set comprised of material of their recently released self-titled debut album. The infectious songs got the crowd dancing and made the transition from opening act to main act virtually seamless.

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