Third Eye Blind celebrate the past

A review of Third Eye Blind at The Palladium on November 15, 2007

, Staff Writer

On Thursday night at the Palladium Third Eye Blind took to a dimly lit stage accompanied by an atrocious sound mix…and it didn’t matter to the audience one bit. While the lighting and the sound improved, neither was as important as the collective goal to celebrate the hits of the band’s, and fans’, past.

The set truly kicked off with “Losing A Whole Year” as the rabid crowd, made up people who couldn’t legally drink the first time they saw a 3eb concert, took over for the volume-less lead singer Steven Jenkins. “Blinded”, from the band’s last release Out of the Vein, showed that the band still possessed their chops, especially drummer Brad Hargreaves who displayed an array of stick throwing tricks.

Jenkins announced that the band was trying to finish their fourth album, but went on tour because they “needed energy.” That meant playing a set that consisted of fan favorites with very few new tunes sprinkled in. During one of the old standbys, the rushing “Narcolepsy”, Jenkins donned a black top hat that would remain for most of the show. It lent him the air of a conductor more than of a front man, which was fitting for the role that he played for most of the night.

One of the few drawbacks to the performance was that Jenkins no longer tries to hit the highest notes in his register, a fact which detracted from “Never Let You Go” among other songs. New tune “The Bonfire” was solid, but did not do much to impress, even with Jenkins’ whistle solo.

Again, though, none of that mattered when the band launched into a riotous “Graduate”. Jenkins shed his jacket and guitarist Tony Fredianelli tossed off a fairly sick solo. 3eb immediately stripped down for a solid acoustic version of “Deep Inside of You”. After a few more acoustic songs Jenkins introduced “Motorcycle Drive By” as a song that, to no one’s surprise “started as my journal entry.”

“You’re Not Gonna Break Me” was the standout new song of the night, its spoken bridge and outstanding lead guitar part fitting in seamlessly with the band’s classics. It was followed by an extended version of “Jumper” and the climactic “Semi-Charmed Life”, which led into a slightly awkward but interesting “Stairway to Heaven” tag. A brief encore included the sing-along “How’s It Gonna Be” and set closer “God of Wine”, and then the band was gone, presumably recharged enough to finish The Hideous Strength.

Jenkins thanked the audience during “Semi-Charmed Life” and said that this time around “feels like our band, not filtered through marketing. It just feels like our band.” But Jenkins and company also realized that the night wasn’t about their band. It was about the chance for the fans and the band to come together and celebrate the past before moving on to the future. For the fans to thank 3eb for the anthems of their summers, their high school years, and for the band to thank the fans for their support. It may not have been the best show, but it was a great experience.

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