The Saw Doctors delight in return to Hyannis

A review of The Saw Doctors at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on August 13, 2010

, Managing Editor

The Saw Doctors may not be known far and wide but here in Massachusetts they have quite the fanatical following. Knowing this, the lads from Tuam had the bright idea a couple summers back to record their show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent for a live DVD. They’ve played the Tent every summer for years and returned to Hyannis this past Friday to deliver another DVD-worthy performance.

The band has a new album on the horizon (The Further Adventures of the Saw Doctors) but Friday’s show played like a greatest hits album. There was barely a break all evening. In fact, fans were on their feet throughout the show, and only a few sat for new tune “As the Light Fades”. This was understandable though, considering the number was less playful than their usual material and served the daunting task of following fan-favorite “N17”.

Singer/guitarists Leo Moran and Davey Carton were less chatty than usual as the Saw Doctors supplanted the banter with a smattering of crowd-pleasers. They even left some of the singing up to the audience as the crowd made a chorus on “Red Cortina” and “Clare Island” amongst others.

The poor Melody Tent staff had to deal with one of the rowdier crowds they’ll encounter all summer, but thankfully it was all in good fun. A couple goofballs danced up and down the aisles trying to make new friends throughout the performance and two young females crashed the stage holding an Irish flag during “I Useta Love Her”. This was a perfect example of the fun-loving atmosphere at a Saw Doctors show as the girls were merely escorted back to their seats rather than kicked out, as is usual protocol.

Speaking of protocol, the band ended the gig in usual fashion as the hyper “Hay Wrap” preceded the stripped-down sing along of “I Hope You Meet Again”. “Hay Wrap” included the customary “Batman” interlude and of course one of their fans was actually dressed as the Caped Crusader, soaking in the moment as he tried his best to beat security to the stage. The show concluded with fans belting out one last tune as “I Hope You Meet Again” segued into a cover of “Hey Jude” with the band taking their bows to the crowd’s “Na Na Na Na’s”.

The next time the Saw Doctors come around things could be a bit different depending on how warmly the new album is received. With the mix of the Saw Doctors talent and the fans passion there could easily be even more live anthems on the way. We’ll find out next time on the “further adventures of the Saw Doctors”.

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