The Bosstones return for 14th Hometown Throwdown

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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones returned to Boston once again for their 14th “Hometown Throwdown”, held once again at the House of Blues after spending years at The Middle East. This time around the show was more than just a homecoming as the band also has a brand new album to promote, titled The Magic of Youth.

It was certainly an interesting night at the House of Blues as the Bosstones had to battle a few hitches. For instance, right off the bat guitarist Lawrence Katz was unheard on new track, and show opener, “The Daylights” as his rig wasn’t functioning. This left frontman Dicky Barrett with some time to kill, an art he has perfected over the years, as he and bassist Joe Gittleman goofed off during the delay. Later, the sound would cut out momentarily during “Hell of a Hat” due to a fire alarm, although the show would not be disrupted any further than the short sound issue.

Although the venue had some problems, the aspect of the show that the Bosstones could control, their performance, went smoothly. The Plaid Boys enjoyably blended their set with songs off each of their albums, including four off their recent release. The Bosstones might not all reside around these parts anymore but they showed that they haven’t lost sight of home with new tune “Candlepin Paul”, which they served up after Barrett sincerely thanked the audience for their support over the years.

There weren’t any lulls in enthusiasm from the plaid-clad crowd during the new songs, which bodes well for the band’s latest effort, but it was unsurprisingly the old favorites like “Someday I Suppose”, “Rascal King”, and “The Impression That I Get” which drew the biggest reactions out of fans. The usual holiday cheer was also on full display, this year with a Christmastime neighborhood stage theme, while the band was also joined by Santa and Blanta on horns for “Awfully Quiet”. The Bosstones would also include “Xmas Time” in the encore and close out the show with white confetti imitating snow for “Lights Out”.

With fourteen Hometown Throwdowns, nine albums, and now 29 years in existence the numbers are getting up there for the Bosstones but they proved on Wednesday that they still have plenty of that youthful magic.


The Daylights
You Gotta Go!
Kinder Words
Rascal King
Do Somethin Crazy
Simmer Down
Graffiti Worth Reading
So Sad To Say
Candlepin Paul
Hell of a Hat
The One With the Woes
Don’t Worry Desmond Dekker
Someday I Suppose
The Magic of Youth
Jump Through the Hoops
Devil’s Night Out
Allow Them
Where’d You Go?
Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
Impression That I Get
Awfully Quiet
Holy Smoke

They Will Need Music
Xmas Time
737/Shoe Glue
Lights Out

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