The Jonas Brothers hit Boston

A review of The Jonas Brothers at the Agganis Arena on March 20, 2008

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Sending the city\’s population of teenage girls (and some of their Moms) into a frenzy, squeaky clean teen pop stars the Jonas Brothers brought their "Look Me In The Eyes" tour to Boston on Thursday. After spending the winter touring in support of industry darling Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), the latest sensation from the hit makers at Disney Music Group are headlining their first tour in support of their self titled second album Jonas Brothers.
The scene inside the sold-out Agganis Arena was absolute madness, with packs of teen girls decked out in matching homemade "be-dazzled" t-shirts & tanks, carrying posters adorned with glitter and puffy paint declaring themselves "the future Mrs. Jonas", and professing (no, screaming!) their undying love at deafening levels. And this was all before the siblings – Kevin (20), Joe (18) and Nick (15) – from Wyckoff, New Jersey even hit the stage.

The show started in spectacular form; as the lights dimmed, the audience was treated to a video montage of the boys, well, being boys. Then a giant white curtain that had been disguising the stage fell, revealing an elaborate stage set complete with platforms, slides and trap doors. As the screams hit a mind-blowing level, Kevin and Nick strutted onto the stage guitars in hand, and finally Joe dramatically appeared from an elevator in the center of the stage dressed in tight black pants and a gold satin jacket. Without pause, the boys launched into their 2006 hit "Year 3000".

Keeping the energy high, next up was "Just Friends", complete with cartwheels by Joe Jonas, who was definitely the most entertaining of the brothers to watch. While he has the least musical talent of the three, he has a natural charisma and showmanship that makes him the ideal frontman.&

After "Australia", the boys slowed things down a bit.& With the arena lit with glow sticks, cell phones and a neon JONAS compliments of some girls in Section 108, Nick, Joe and Kevin sat on the center platform and performed an acoustic version of the ballad "Hello Beautiful", which made the girl sitting next to me literally cry. Then the audience was then treated to a brief visit from the 4th Jonas brother, seven year-old Frankie, who was wearing an autographed BU hockey jersey (how cute!).&

After thanking the fans for voting "When You Look Me In The Eyes" number one on MTV\’s TRL that afternoon, they played "Underdog" off their debut album Its About Time, then switched gears and played a new song off their soon to be released untitled third album, "Don\’t Take My Heart And Put It On A Shelf". Since very few of the girls in the audience knew the words to the song, they resorted to simply screaming.
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Perhaps in an attempt to give the audience\’s vocal cords a break, the boys briefly left the stage and we were entertained with another video montage of the boys on tour.& After a quick costume change, the boys played their best song of the night, "Pushing Me Away". The energy level was so high in the arena that the floor literally started to shake.& Following a few more songs, they played another new song, which featured a drum battle between Nick Jonas and drummer Jack Lawless, which soon flowed into a "Stomp-like" jam session fom the whole group with trashcans and washboards.

The show did contain a few duds, most notably an out of place and poorly executed cover of A-Ha\’s "Take On Me". Maybe it was a nod to the hundreds of moms in the audience, but it was definitely the quietest part of the show.

After thanking the audience for their support, even acknowledging that the last time they were in Boston they played before a crowd of only 200 people at Axis, Nick settled behind the piano to play their latest hit and crowd favorite "When You Look Me In The Eyes". Closing out the main set was "Hold-On".

For an encore, Nick sat behind a white grand piano and performed "A Little Bit Longer", a song that he wrote about being diagnosed with type-1 diabetes in 2005. With surprisingly grown-up lyrics, the song is an ode to anyone who has had stuggles in their life and the ability to rise above them. With his brothers joining him on stage, the trio closed out the show with a energetic rendition of "S.O.S." – complete with each brother having a turn jamming atop the piano.

While many of their songs sound alike, the boys absolutely have star power. With a movie hiting the big screen this summer, a tv show in the works for the Disney Channel, and more tour dates (including a return stop in Boston for a monster gig at the Tweeter Center) this summer, maybe 2008 will be the year that we all say "Miley Who?"

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