The Editors at the Paradise Rock Club on July 30

A Review of The Editors at the Paradise Rock Club on July 30, 2006

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& “Buzz.” It just may be the most overrated term in music. Just as sports commentators use the saying “great upside,” buzz is how music people love to describe what they see as the next big thing. The Editors are the latest band to surf the buzz wave from across the pond. At their show this past Sunday night at the Paradise Rock Club, the Birmingham band lived up to the hype and then some.

With their debut album, The Back Room, gaining more and more exposure, The Editors proved to be even tighter on stage. The album was recently nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize, which is awarded to the Ireland/UK album of the year. Led by lead singer Tom Smith, the band rocked through a 13-song set.& & & & & &
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Kicking off with “Someone Says,” the band’s Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen influences were evident, though their new fervor was welcome. Smith was in great form with his deep baritone and natural energy throughout (though he looked like a cross between Chris Martin and Justin Timerlake). “All Sparks” and the faster “Blood," featuring catchy riffs, resonated with the crowd.

The rest of The Editors, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, bassist Russ Leetch, and drummer Ed Lay, soared with the angst of “Bullets” and kept the momentum running through a stellar rendition “Munich.” The band’s breakout American single (probably in due part to a free iTunes download earlier this year) sent the capacity into a frenzied sing-a-long, though they couldn’t sustain it through the lengthy “Open Your Arms.”

To cap off the night, The Editors played a two-song encore of “Lights” and the hard rocking “Fingers In The Factories.” While his bandmates left the stage, Leetch dove into the crowd for an unexpected crowd surf over the delightfully surprised Paradise faithful.

The band has enjoyed a nice progression since the release of The Back Room as the ‘dise show marked The Editors third Boston gig. If the development continues as well as it has, and there are no signs that indicate otherwise, you can expect even bigger things in the future. “Buzz” is fleeting but great music endures.

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