Editors firing on All Sparks

A review of The Editors at the Orpheum Theater on January 19, 2008

, Staff Writer

High off their recent Brit Award nomination for Best British Group, the Editors proved they were worthy of the nod with a brilliant show at the Orpheum on Saturday night.& The Birmingham based indie rockers\’ energetic and, at times, dramatic performance demonstrated that they have indeed graduated from ‘buzz’ status to bona fide rock stars.
Having the British Isles squarely under their spell, the band is touring the States in support of their sophomore album An End Has A Start. Saturday’ show marked their second visit to the Hub in the past six months, as the quartet clearly has their sights on bringing their European success to American shores. Based on the show’s crowd reaction, Boston has already embraced the talented group.

Focusing on the music and keeping the chatter to a minimum (amen!), the 75-minute set alternated between songs from both their new release and their 2005 debut album, The Back Room. While the sound is distinctively similar on both albums (think Interpol/Joy Division) songs from An End Has A Start have significantly darker undertone, which are a perfect and sometimes eerie compliment to front man Tom Smith’s vocals.
The Editors hit the stage with “Bones”, an explosive, yet dark, tune that got Boston’s ‘Euro’ crowd on their feet. They quickly followed with “All Sparks” and the title track of An End Has A Start, keeping the crowd energized for the balanced of the set.&

Their 2005 hit single “Bullets” was an early crowd-favorite and “Escape The Nest” showcased skills of guitarist Chris Urbanowicz. Slowing things down a bit, Smith settled behind the piano for “Weight Of The World”, with its haunting lyrics “every little piece of your life will mean something to someone” amazed the crowd.& Picking things up a bit, the high-energy& tune “Blood” soon followed.&
Having clearly hit their stride, Smith returned to the piano for “When Anger Shows”. Alternating between the guitar and the piano Smith’s energy was almost possessed and bassist, Russell Leetch was exceptional. The band was so grand in sonic power – both instrumentally and vocally- that fans could forget about the depressing lyrics that are entrenched in darkness, morbidity, and death because they were overshadowed by the actual performance. It was a theme that dominated throughout the band’s set.

Rounding out the main set was “Spiders”, their current single “Racing Rats”, and their breakout American hit “Munich”.& Returning to the stage for an encore, the Editors performed “Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors” and the heart pounding “Fingers In The Factory”, in which a crazed Smith climbed atop the piano.&
While the set was shorter than many would have liked, there was no filler and every song was perfectly placed and performed. As any good band should, they left the crowd thirsting for more. With only two albums under their belt, the Editors are quickly turning buzz into reality and should be a fun band to watch grow over the next few years.

Opening in support of the Editors, were Canadian rockers Hot Hot Heat and San Diego based Louis XIV.&

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