The Cranberries make triumphant return to Boston

A review of The Cranberries at House of Blues on May 11, 2012

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After going on hiatus for much of the past decade, The Cranberries, who enjoyed success as one of the biggest Rock acts of the 90’s, are back with a new album entitled Roses. The Irish foursome hit the House of Blues on Friday night.

The Cranberries rose to prominence in the 90’s when Alternative Rock was booming. With today’s shifted music trends, plus their lengthy layoff, it would be easy to write off The Cranberries as nearly a nostalgia act, but they proved they still have drawing power with a sold out show at the House of Blues, and more important, they showed that they have staying power with an excellent performance of their hits and solid new material. Although, it’s not likely that the band will ever return to the level they once were (nor will most of the bands from that era), new songs like “Tomorrow” and “Schizophrenic Playboys” made it clear that they haven’t fallen off.

Having amassed eight Top 20 hits in their career, The Cranberries wasted no time rattling them off as they kicked off the show with “Dreams” and “Linger”. The entire show was like one big sing-along, as even lesser established hits like “Ridiculous Thoughts” and “I Can’t Be With You” were well-received. Not surprising, the most voices were heard on “Zombie” as fans tried to keep up with Delores O’Riordan as she belted out the beloved power ballad.

O’Riordan was spectacular, with her voice as strong and moving as ever. The Cranberries’ leading lady livened things up by shaking her hips to “Desperate Andy”, shimmying during “Tomorrow” and even brought out some theatrics as she lay onstage for “Ode to My Family”, then with a big wardrobe change, appearing in a beautiful black gown for band’s four song encore that came to an end with crowd favorite “Salvation”.

The hiatus is over and The Cranberries are back to work. No doubt some fans missed out thanks to the House of Blues being sold out long before the band hit town. Hopefully they decide to make up for lost time and come around much more often.

1.  Dreams
2.  Linger
3.  Tomorrow
4.  Dreaming My Dreams
5.  Animal Instinct
6.  Just My Imagination
7.  Ode to My Family
8.  Put Me Down
9.  Analyse
10. Desperate Andy
11. When You’re Gone
12. I Can’t Be With You
13. Waltzing Back
14. Wanted
15. Free to Decide
16. Schizophrenic Playboys
17. Ridiculous Thoughts
18. Zombie
19. Conduct
20. Losing My Mind
21. Promises
22. Salvation

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