The Black Crowes say goodbye to Boston

A review of The Black Crowes at the House of Blues on October 22, 2010

, Managing Editor

After a stream of productivity in recent yeas that saw the group at their most prolific they’ve been this decade, The Black Crowes have decided to put yet another hold on their career as a band. The Georgia-bred rockers will go on an indefinite hiatus following their “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys Tour”, which hit New England this past weekend. Fans flocked to the House of Blues on Friday night to pay their respects at the first of two sold out shows in Boston.

It was a late arriving crowd, and quite the talkative one too. This provoked a rare non-mellow moment from Chris Robinson, who voiced his displeasure with the chatty audience, asking them to “have some respect for the music”. Thankfully, after this little hiccup it was smooth sailing for both the band and the fans for the rest of the evening. The Crowes played two sets, one acoustic and one electric. Neither one was particularly saturated in hits but still managed to enthrall the audience.

The acoustic set was largely placid as the Robinsons and company presented a collection of ballads. “Thorn in My Pride” was the usual highlight, complete with some classic Chris Robinson boogieing. After a few more ballads, the culmination of the acoustic showcase set the tone for the electric performance as Bob Marley’s “Time Will Tell” and their own “My Morning Song” combined for quite the groovy grouping.

The electric set was obviously livelier, but the band was noticeably looser as well. Chris Robinson busted a few dance moves during opener “Exit”, but really shook his moneymaker during the blistering “Black Moon Creeping”. Rich Robinson let loose on that one as well, strumming out some wah riffs during the jam session that proceeded the song. The set came to a rocking conclusion with some greatest hits in “Hard to Handle” and “Remedy”. The former was exceptionally enjoyable as the band has been know to leave it out of their show during several recent tours.

Fans basked in the Crowes musical glow one last time with the band returning for an encore of the sing-along inducing “She Talks to Angels” and a blues romp through Moby Grape’s “Hey Grandma”.

There’s no denying that the Black Crowes are a 100% authentic rock n’ roll band, and like any real rock band sometimes they need a break. The last time the Black Crowes went on hiatus it lasted about 3 years. Who knows how long it will last this time, but for now, these birds have flown.

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