Spiritualized lock in at sold out Paradise

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In case you couldn’t tell from his name, J. Spaceman, the mastermind behind Spiritualized, is one peculiar guy. Born Jason Pierce, Spaceman is currently on tour with the latest grouping of his space rock outfit Spiritualized behind their latest release, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. With the some focus and intensity that Spaceman displays as he stairs deeply into his music stand, Spiritualized rocked Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on Wednesday with a locked in, polished sound that thrilled the sold out crowd.

There’s a lot of staring that goes on at a Spiritualized show. By that I mean that J. Spaceman performs facing stage-right, seemingly staring off into… well, space. Meanwhile, the common format of their music building from a slow groove to entrancing crescendo leads to fans being glued in to the players before them.

Spiritualized have been less active in the 2000’s as they were in the 90’s, and Sweet Heart Sweet Light is their first album in four years. However, they sounded tight like a band that lives on the road. Stealing the show was Doggen, a talented guitarist whose wah-wah soloing highlighted nearly every song, particularly new tune “I Am What I Am””and the encore of “Cop Shoot Cop”. Still, this was J. Spaceman’s show, and he proved with performances of several new tracks that he still has plenty to offer. Show opener, “Hey Jane”, a nearly nine minute jam, may have been the best example of this, with multiple parts like several songs in one, all of which were engaging enough that one doesn’t even realize how long it’s been going on until it was over.

With Spiritualized it’s tough to tell what comes next, or who the band will even consist of, considering their lineup seems to change every time they get to work. It’s up to J. Spaceman so who knows, but the band he has right now certainly fits the bill. For the first time in a long time, he may want to think about some consistency.

1.  Hey Jane
2.  Lord Let It Rain On Me
3.  Headin’ for the Top Now
4.  She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit)
5.  Lay Back In The Sun
6.  Oh Baby
7.  Rated X
8.  I Am What I Am
9.  Born Never Asked
10. Electric Mainline
11. Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
12. Mary
13. Stay With Me
14. So Long You Pretty Thing
15. Come Together
16. Cop Shoot Cop

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