Snow Patrol at the Agganis Arena on March 28

A review of Snow Patrol at the Agganis Arena on March 28, 2007

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In the past year, Snow Patrol has leapfrogged from an endearing Indie rock band, playing venues such as the Avalon to a marquee name capable of selling out mini-arenas. Their graduation to new heights is due in large part to a certain hit song featured on Grey’s Anatomy. And while it can be said that the success of “Chasing Cars” is both the best and worst thing to happen to their fan base, the fact remains the band could not be a happier bunch. Snow Patrol’s show at BU’s Agganis Arena on Wednesday night was another exceptionally eclectic performance and reminder to why they have called Boston their “spiritual home.”

Snow Patrol opened with “Spitting Games,“ and by the time they played “Chocolate” two songs later they were in full-form. Lead singer Gary Lightbody was in an ever-playful mood with the Boston faithful, from poking fun at BU’s nickname, the Terriers, to giving shout outs to the Boston Irish and, of course, the good ole Red Sox. His crowd interaction went more in depth later in the evening when he handpicked a female fan to duet “Set The Fire To The Third Bar” on stage with him. Anytime a fan is brought on stage, it can be a mixed bag for both the band and the rest of the audience, as Lightbody quipped, but in this case it wasn’t too bad at all.

The lone low point of the night came after a dead-thump response to a lethargic “Grazed Knees.” However, the crowd soon exploded with delight for “Chasing Cars.” While the song had potential to be the 2006 version of “Fix You,” mainstream radio has eradicated the tune’s beauty. Perhaps the band even agrees, since it made such an early appearance in the set list.

As a whole, Snow Patrol appeared even tighter on stage than their show this past summer. It made for a much crisper sound, most notably on the substantially improved epic-like tune, “Make This Go On Forever.” On the other hand, the crowd seemed to be split between the passionate diehard core base that mostly filled the Pavilion gig and the newbies who have since joined on. The band played for both sides though, with a well balanced set comprised solely of material from Final Straw and Eyes Open.

A sing along of their American breakthrough “Run” was followed by a rocking rendition of “You’re All I Have” to close out the band’s main set. They returned for the climax of their& 17-song set with a three-song encore of “Finish Line,” “Open Your Eyes,” and “Hands Open.”

As Snow Patrol’s popularity continues to soar, many comparisons have been made to Coldplay and U2. While the link can be made as evidenced by flashes of brilliance on Wednesday night, Snow Patrol still has a lot to prove to reach those heights. Certainly, at this point in their career, the band seems to be hitting a comfortable stride.&

Also on the bill was an impressive pair of opening acts. OK Go, the darlings of YouTube fame, impressed with a set of energetic pop-rockers. The band discarded their dance steps and focused more on the music with hits such as, “Invincible” and “Here It Goes Again.” Lead singer Damian Kulash’s comical stage banter and energy seemed to be a good fit for an opening slot, and the crowd responded well. For those that arrived early enough, they were treated to a quick twenty-minute set from the Silversun Pickups. The Silver Lake based band is finally starting to get some proper attention and hopefully that means a trip back soon for a full set.

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