Rogue Wave ride into Boston, leave on a high note

A review of Rogue Wave at the Paradise Rock Club on April 11, 2008

, Staff Writer

Rogue Wave kicked off their North American tour with a sensational show at the Paradise Rock Club on Friday night, treating the sold-out crowd to a 90+ minute set featuring songs from the bands five year history

An Oakland based indie rock band, Rogue Wave is absolutely one of those bands that should be experienced live. Primarily known for their low key harmonious sound, which lends well to the numerous compilations and soundtracks on which they have been featured, the band brings an intensity and sense of playfulness to their live performance that is lost on the studio album.& Led by front-man Zach Schwartz (a.k.a Zach Rogue), the band was not only having a great time on stage, but genuinely appeared to be drawing energy from the audience.

Captivating the audience from the first song, they hit the stage with “Like I Needed” from their latest album Asleep at Heaven’s Gate. The band then alternated between the songs from their three studio albums, including “Every Moment” from Out of the Shadow and “Publish My Love” and “Medicine Ball” from Descended Like Vultures.

In the middle of the set, they slowed things down a bit to showcase Schwartz’s melodic voice with the balled “Christians in Black”, but quickly picked up the tempo with crowd favorite and upcoming single, “Chicago x 12”.& The audience was also treated the first ever live performance of “Phonytown”, that is unless you count the version they did on FNX on Friday morning.

The highlight of the show was the performance of “Lake Michigan” from Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, complete with the entire band banging on the drums.& To close out the main set, the band performed “Harmounium”.

Zach Rogue returned to the stage alone for a two song acoustic mini-set, complete with “Cheaper Than Therapy”, and then was joined by his bandmates for their song “California”, which is a tribute to their home state and closed out the show with “Love’s Lost Guaranteed”.

Rogue Wave will touring this summer in support of Jack Johnson (they are part of Johnson’s Brushfire Records) and are scheduled perform at the Tweeter Center on August 6th. If you don’t already have you tickets, get them now. You won’t be disappointed!

Opening the show in impressive form was Grand Ole Party.& Touring in support of their debut album Humanimals, the San Diego based trio (winner of "Best Alternative" band at the 2007 San Diego Music Awards) pleasantly surprised the audience with an energetic hour long set. Based on audience reaction to their unique bold sound and the spunky performance by singer-drummer Kristin Gundred, they might not be an opening act for long.

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