Ringo lacks star power at the Pavilion

A review of Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band at Bank of America Pavilion on June 19, 2012

, Managing Editor

At this point Ringo Starr calling his traveling band the “All Starrs” conjures up the same jokes people make every time a new “Dancing with the Stars” cast is announced: What stars? Still, that didn’t keep fans from having a good time at the Bank of America Pavilion when the legendary drummer stopped off on Tuesday.

For this, his thirteenth All-Starr band, Ringo has recruited newcomers Steve Lukather (Toto) and Gregg Rolie. Returning for the summer outing are All-Starr vets Richard Page, Todd Rundgren, Mark Rivera and Gregg Bissonette. These gentlemen have certainly had plenty of success over their careers but collectively they make one of the least impressive groups to play with the former Beatle. This is why it was disappointing to see the show’s star take such a backseat. Sure, the All-Stars provided some great moments, like Lukather bringing everyone back to the 80’s for Toto’s “Africa” and Todd Rundgren’s classic slacker anthem “Bang on the Drum”. However, nothing compared to the enthusiasm fans expressed during Ringo’s time in the spotlight.

Ringo is on tour in support of a new album, which he appropriately titled Ringo 2012, and continued his quest for “peace and love” with new songs such as “Anthem” and “Wings”. But of course, it was the old favorites that fans come out for. Ringo took center stage for “Don’t Pass Me By” and “Yellow Submarine”, while jamming out other favorites like “Boys” and “I Wanna Be Your Man” behind his drum kit. Unfortunately for this show there just wasn’t enough Ringo.

Starr’s 72nd birthday is quickly approaching but he shows no signs of slowing down and could certainly carry more of his show than he has for the past few tours. Ringo has always been a loving, easy-going guy who certainly loves to share the stage with others. However, it’s time for the real “Starr” of the show to be a little more selfish. Fans had a good time at his show in Boston, but they could’ve had it even better.

1.  Matchbox (Carl Perkins cover)
2.  It Don’t Come Easy
3.  Wings
4.  I Saw the Light (Todd Rundgren cover)
5.  Evil Ways (Santana cover)
6.  Rosanna (Toto cover)
7.  Kyrie (Mr. Mister cover)
8.  Don’t Pass Me By
9.  Bang the Drum All Day (Todd Rundgren cover)
10. Boys
11. Yellow Submarine
12. Black Magic Woman (Santana cover)
13. Anthem
14. I’m the Greatest
15. You Are Mine (Richard Page cover)
16. Africa (Toto cover)
17. I Wanna Be Your Man
18. Everybody’s Everything (Santana cover)
19. Hello It’s Me (Todd Rundgren cover)
20. Broken Wings (Mr. Mister cover)
21. Hold the Line (Toto cover)
22. Photograph
23. Act Naturally
24. With a Little Help from My Friends
25. Give Peace A Chance (John Lennon cover)

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