Linkin Park kicks off Projekt Revolution

A review of the Projekt Revolution Tour with Linkin Park, Chris Cornell and more at the Comcast Center on July 16, 2008

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It was the end and the beginning for Linkin Park on Wednesday night. After over a year of extensive touring in support of Minutes to Midnight, the band made their final local appearance while also kicking off this summer’s Projekt Revolution tour in Mansfield. Wrapping up a full day of music, Linkin Park delivered an outstanding set that rocked out loud, arguably topping last summer’s show (which ranked in our top five of 2007) despite a crowd that surprisingly was half its size.&

Street Drum Corps, a Blue Man Group/Stomp meets punk rock troupe who also performed earlier in the day, kicked off Linkin Park’s set with a percussion intro before the band launched into set opener "One Step Closer." Everything from headbangers to ballads followed in a set that lasted over 90 minutes and was propelled by a couple of special guests, giving the show a unique flare.&

There were hard rockers "No More Sorrow" and "Faint", ballads "Leave Out All The Rest" and "Shawdow of the Day", and the band’s signature rap-rock fusion anthems "Papercut" and "Lying From You". Throughout the show, the crowd was reminded just how impressive the band’s catalog has become over just three albums with hits like "Numb", "Somewhere I Belong", and "From The Inside".

Beyond the parade of hits, Linkin Park delivered each song with pure emotion and raw energy. Frontman Chad Bennington’s expression was fittingly horrifying during "Given Up" and sidekick Mike Shinoda delivered a couple of enjoyable freestyle raps before "Points of Authority". Guitarist Brad Delson provided multiple quick and solid solos while drummer Rob Bourdon and bassist David "Phoenix" Farrell held down a tight rhythm section. DJ Joe Hahn calmly provided by the band’s turntable riffs as needed.& &

Collaborations can make touring festivals like Projekt Revolution even more special by bringing together top performers for unique moments. These usually develop as the tour progresses but Linkin Park wasted no time and took full advantage of their new found tour mates by enrolling them for the show’s best highlights. Chris Cornell joined the band for a special rendition of "Crawling" while the band kicked off their encore with Busta Rhymes for "We Made It" (due on Rhymes’ forthcoming album Blessed). The show ended similar to how it began with Street Drum Corps aiding the band through an extended rendition of "Bleed It Out".

Chris Cornell’s set could be best described as frustrating. The former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman was armed with a wealth of material and aided by a backing band of hired guns. However, a very rough mix plagued one of rock’s all-time best vocalists throughout his hour-long set, even making him nearly inaudible at times. The problem can probably be attributed to being the first night of a touring festival, but it didn’t help appease fans at the Comcast Center.&

That being said, Cornell still has the range and delivered a set that perfectly balanced his entire catalog. Opening with "Cochise", Audioslave fans were later treated to more hits from the supergroup including "Show Me How To Live" and "Like A Stone". Soundgarden fans had plenty to be happy with thanks to a handful of hits from the Seattle grunge legends including "Spoonman" and "Black Hole Sun". Of course, Cornell is working on a new solo album and he took time on Wednesday to test a few tunes before a live crowd. "Watch Out" worked well while "Long Gone" fell flat.

Among the set highlights were Temple of Dog’s "Hunger Strike", with Linkin Park’s Bennington joining Cornell and taking on Eddie Vedder’s vocals, and a surprising rendition of "Blow Up The Outside World", which was voted into the set by fans through a Verizon contest for its first live performance in over a decade.

The Bravery, Busta Rhymes, Ashes Divide precedeed the two headliners with quick sets of their own. Rounding out the bill were second stage acts Atreyu, 10 Years, Hawthorne Heights, and Armor for Sleep.

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