Poison with Cinderella at the Tweeter Center on August 5

A Review of Poison with Cinderella at the Tweeter Center on August 5

, Staff

The calendar may have read 2006, but for those at the Tweeter Center on Saturday night, & it was 1986 all over again. On their 20th anniversary tour, Poison rolled into Mansfield and rocked their loyal fans with a greatest hits set list. While the crowd was not as big as it was when they were topping the charts in the late 80’s (still a very respectable & large crowd of over 12,000 gathered this night), Poison still knows how to deliver the goods to the people.

Opening up with “Look What The Cat Dragged In” (the title track off their debut album), followed by “I Want Action,” Bret Michaels & Co. came out to rock. Lasers and pyrotechnics helped bring those back to the arena rock days that Poison was famous for.

The quick one-two seemed to lose a bit of pace with their cover of Great Funk Railroad’s “We’re An American Band”, their only new song off the band’s latest greatest hits collection. But Michaels, with the help of energetic guitarist C.C. Deville, got the crowd back with the crowd favorite “Ride The Wind” that had everyone back and rocking& as well for the rest of the show.

Michaels was very interactive with the crowd throughout the show, giving almost everyone in the front few rows a high five throughout the show. Cigarette lighters (and cell phones –another sign of the times) lit up the amphitheater with Poison’s biggest hit “Every Rose Has Its Thrown," Michaels’ voice got drowned out by all those singing along.

Closing out show with “Nothing But A Good Time” and “Talk Dirty To Me”, Poison gave those trying to re-live the glory days of the ‘hair band’ era a heartfelt and fun history lesson.

Say what you want about Poison and a lot has been, but they know how to give the crowd a great show. While the four members have gone their own way in the past years – Michaels was one of the judges on the popular “Nashville Star” and Deville starred in VH1’s “Surreal Life” – they still have that essential chemistry together on stage.

Touring with Poison was special guest Cinderella, who is also celebrating 20 years together. But it seems that those 20 years of rock may have gotten to lead singer Tom Keifer. In this reporter’s 20+ years of attending concerts, I cannot recall witnessing a singer struggle so hard to find his voice on stage.
While no one will ever confuse Keifer for Andrea Bocelli, it was painful to hear Keifer sing Cinderella’s catalog of greatest hits on the Tweeter Center stage. Maybe Keifer was sick, maybe he was hung-over, or maybe he just didn’t have it that night, who knows. Hopefully it was just a bad night, as hits “Nobody’s Fool” and “Don’t Know What You’ve Got (till its gone)” just didn’t have the power that they once had.

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