Passion Pit delight in homecoming

A review of Passion Pit at the Bank of America Pavilion on June 22, 2012

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A power outage, no opening act, and, as a result, a 40-minute delay don’t generally make for an enjoyable concert. By the time Cambridge electropop band Passion Pit made it to the Bank of America Pavilion stage on Friday night, however, those factors only seemed to work in their favor.

After waiting for the power to be restored, Passion Pit finally got things started around 9:30 p.m. Clearly happy to be home, the band launched right into “Moth’s Wings”. Despite the delay, the band would continue with a full set, comprised of a mix of beloved hits and brand new material off their forthcoming album, Gossamar. New single “Take a Walk” came second and was well received by the hometown fans as the earlier black out quickly became a distant memory for the patient crowd. The rest of the newer and unfamiliar material didn’t engage the crowd as much as older favorites like “The Reeling”. Still, new songs like “It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy” and the R&B infused “Constant Conversations” showcased enough of Passion Pit’s signature sound to at least intrigue fans.

Lead singer Michael Angelakos partied right along with everyone, providing a little extra to the hometown crowd. He dedicated the entire set to recently sold radio station WFNX, claiming it as one of the reasons for the band’s success. It was the first time they performed current single “I’ll Be Alright” live. During crowd favorites like “To Kingdom Come” and “Let Your Love Grow Tall”, he held out his microphone and just let the audience sing the chorus as everyone’s hands lifted into the air.

With a few exceptions earlier in the evening when he occasionally sit at a keyboard (“Live To Tell the Tale”), Angelakos was a ball of energy as he manically ran around the stage. The unsung hero was drummer Nate Donmoyer, who stole the show during “Eyes As Candles” and “I’ve Got Your Number” with his impressive work behind the kit. Angelakos later joined him to play the end of “Smile Upon Me”.

Passion Pit rewarded the crowd for sticking around with a slew of older favorites at the end. “Better Things” led right into “Folds In Your Hands”. Once they finished “Sleepyhead”, they were back in two minutes for a two-song encore, clearly not wanting to leave them waiting. New song “Mirrored Sea” was an odd choice to begin with it, as very few seemed to know the eerie tune. Once Angelakos finished saying thank you and the first chords of infectious hit “Little Secrets” started, however, the crowd was in the aisle, dancing for one last song.

With opening act St. Lucia M.I.A, the crowd was treated to about 15 minutes of DJ work once the power returned around 9 p.m.

1.  Moth’s Wings
2.  Take a Walk
3.  The Reeling
4.  Eyes As Candles
5.  I’ll Be Alright
6.  Live To Tell The Tale
7.  To Kingdom Come
8.  Let Your Love Grow Tall
9.  It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy
10. I’ve Got Your Number
11. Constant Conversations
12. Better Things
13. Folds In Your Hands
14. Smile Upon Me
15. Sleepyhead
16. Mirrored Sea
17. Little Secrets

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