MuteMath give their all at the House of Blues

, Managing Editor

Appearing in Boston last Wednesday, New Orleans’ MuteMath fell victim to unfortunate timing as their show at the House of Blues occurred on the same night as The Black Keys much anticipated gig at the TD Garden. Although they played before a modest-sized crowd, MuteMath delivered a show worthy of a packed house.

MuteMath is currently touring behind 2011’s Odd Soul, from which they played every song. They kicked off their show with the same trio of songs that opens their new album. Taking an interesting route to the stage, the band formed a drumline through the audience as they made their way to the stage for “Odd Soul”.

MuteMath blends alternative rock with electronica through a mix of keyboards, synth, guitar, and an emphasis on percussion. At times up to three members of the four man group were bashing away on drums, but Darren King held his own just fine when the percussion was left to just him and his kit. King plays a small kit, but produces a big sound. He’s also quite the showman as he could be found standing on top of his drums at times, and made a big splash, literally, when he poured water all over his drums and then starting bashing away on “Reset” to start the encore.

Not to be outdone, lead singer Paul Meany was full of energy, which he certainly expended throughout the night, dripping in sweat by the end of the show. Meany used his keyboard not only as an instrument but also a platform from which he jumped repeatedly, and later performed a headstand on during “Break the Same”.

The New Orleans foursome not only blend genres, but moods as well, with a balanced setlist that featured rockers like “Spotlight” and show-closer “Typical”, amongst trippy pieces like “Sun Ray” and “In No Time”. Still, the concert was a high-energy showcase overall, with the run towards, and through the encore ending things on a high note. Meany ended things right where he started, taking to the crowd for “Typical”.

MuteMath has and will play in front of bigger crowds than they did in Boston on Wednesday, but it’s highly unlikely that they could give more than they did at the House of Blues. That’s the character of real professionals like MuteMath.

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