Muse deliver epic performance at the Garden

A review of Muse at the TD Garden on March 6, 2010

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Consistently regarded as one of “The Best Live Bands” abroad, Muse surpassed even the highest of expectations on Saturday night, delivering an absolutely epic performance. Dazzling the Garden with one of the best shows to hit the Hub in years, the English trio proved that they may indeed be the best band on the planet.

Opening the show with back to back songs from the album that made them a household name in the States would be a considered a bold move for any band, but let me assure you Muse is no ordinary band. From the opening bars of “Uprising” to the closing chords of “Knights of Cydonia”, the band from Devon, England were brilliant over the course of nearly two hours. In fact, there are not enough superlatives to describe the trio. Each extremely talented in their own right, it is the combination of front-man Matt Bellamy’s soaring vocals and zealous guitar playing alongside bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard, who later would share a solo atop the towers and on a rotating drum kit, that results in pure magic. 

The show started in spectacular form: as the lights dimmed, video was displayed atop three giant pillars resembling high rises, then as the music started the screens dropped to reveal the band atop twenty foot high risers. After “Uprising”, the band quickly transitioned to the title track from their 2009 album Resistance and then as the risers declined, the band performed “New Born” from 2001’s Origins of Symmetry during which Bellamy, looking like a rock star clad in a t-shirt, teal trousers and silver sparkly shoes, worked the entire stage. The impressive stage show continued with an intricate lazer display that washed the Garden in green lights, it was the start of a perfect light show that added to the concert’s ambiance and complemented the band’s epic tunes.

Without pause, the band played “Map of the Problematique” followed by “Supermassive Black Hole” both from their 2006 album Black Holes and Revelations. After “Guiding Light” came one of the highlights of the night, an outstanding rendition of “Hysteria”. The Boston faithful joined Bellamy for the battle cry, singing, “cause I want it now, I want it now, Give me your heart and soul / And I’m breaking out, I’m breaking out, Last Chance to lose control.” Slowing things down a bit, the band then channeled their inner Queen and performed the poetic, yet politically charged, “United States of Eurasia&amp” atop the twenty foot risers with Bellamy on piano. After a snippet of “Take A Bow” Muse played a cover of the Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley song,”Feeling Good” the songs bluesy undercurrent showcased the breadth of Bellamy’s vocals.

Hitting their stride, Muse powered through some of the band’s mega hits including “Undisclosed Desires” complete with another impressive laser show, “Starlight” which featured Bellamy whistling before the song and “Plug In Baby” during which the normally composed Bellamy caught a case of the giggles as he watched a fan, attempting to crowd surf, upended himself. Keeping the energy high, Muse absolutely rocked the roof off the Garden with “Time is Running Out” and closed out the main set with “Unnatural Selection”.

Taking the stage for a three song encore, Muse first played the instrumental,”Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1: Overture” a beautiful delicate piece that almost made you think you were at a symphony until it quickly transitioned into the heart pounding, “Stockholm Syndrome”. Not surprising, but amazing nonetheless, Muse then closed out the show with a marathon performance of “Knights of Cydonia”

Opening the show in impressive form was the Grammy nominated Silversun Pickups. The Los Angeles-based quartet rocked the Garden with an energetic 40-minute set. Based on audience reaction to their unique bold sound, including a standing ovation from the near capacity crowd, they might not be an opening act for long.

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