Meat Loaf dishes out a hearty performance

A review of Meat Loaf at the Twin River Event Center on January 22, 2011

, Managing Editor

The English poet Alexander Pope once said, “On wrongs swift vengeance awaits”. Words which the man called Meat Loaf may not even know, but he certainly knows the feeling. The last time the big man was in the area he received an unfavorable review which stuck with him until his return on Saturday night.

As he sat on a stool before “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” he spoke about how a critic said he looked “tired” during his last visit, to which he replied in classic Meat Loaf-fashion, “Go fuck yourself!”. The legendary singer can put his mind at ease should he return again, because after his lively set in Rhode Island he surely silenced any critics.

Meat Loaf’s music has always mixed elements of humor, passion, and most of all- sexuality. One would think that at 63-years old the latter might whither, but then again Meat Loaf isn’t just 63, he’s “Sexty-three”, as his longtime vocal counterpart Patti Russo put it. Age didn’t appear to have any effect on his endurance either, playing for nearly two hours and taking no time to settle in.

After kicking things off with “Hot Patootie” from his famed “Rocky Horror” days, Meat Loaf quickly brought the show to the epic proportions he is known for as “Bat Out of Hell” came third in the set. Fist-pumping, chest-pounding, and sweating profusely through the ten-minute thriller, the animated rocker joked after that the performance made him “feel 63”.

The singer was his talkative self per usual throughout his set, but showed how important his new Rob Cavallo-produced effort, Hang Cool Teddy Bear, is to him as he consecutively performed the first three tracks uninterrupted. Although the new songs signaled fans to reunite with their seats, as is the case with most classic artists and their hit-hungry fans, the third song and first single, “Los Angeloser” was able to draw some back on their feet.

From that point on that is where the majority of the audience would be found, as the rest of the show played as a nostalgic run through the hits, complete with the old gimmicks like the theatrical love affair between Meat Loaf and Russo throughout “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. Still, the singer spiced up the classic act by unveiling his “big surprise”, a penis-shaped t-shirt gun which he fired as his scene with Russo reached its most intimate point. Fitting, seeing as the over-the-top performance of ‘Paradise’ served as the climax of the show before the band ran through bits of “Boneyard”, “Free Bird”, “All Revved Up With No Place To Go” and “Mercury Blues” to cap things off.

Meat Loaf has hinted that Hang Cool may be his last album and at 63-years old it wouldn’t be illogical for him to hang it up from recording. Yet, after proving he still has plenty left in the tank on Saturday night, it would be disappointing if he stopped touring as well. Meat Loaf showed that he’s not “tired” and his adoring fans certainly haven’t tired of him. Until next time, we’ll just have to “hang cool”.

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