LMFAO party in Worcester

A review of LMFAO at the DCU Center on July 1, 2012

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A LMFAO concert is a place where giant pink bears tend bar and men in leopard spandex are considered desirable. LMFAO and the Party Rock crew brought a treasure chest of neon and alcohol to the DCU Center on Sunday night in the name of a good party. The music only seemed to get in the way.

Down a man because SkyBlu hurt his back, last party rocker standing Redfoo didn’t seem fazed. He delivered a show more exciting and enjoyable than expected, starting out with “Rock the Beat II” and recent single “Sorry for Party Rocking”. Spectacle won out over musicality, but no one seemed to come for the latter. Each number had the same amped energy as the one before. Neon large dumbbells showed up for “Put That Ass To Work” and “Reminds Me of You” saw beer funnels become dance props.

Redfoo wanted to reward the “party animals” who had been then since the band’s inception five years ago and did so by delivering 2008’s “I’m in Miami Bitch”, which seemed to wipe away any hard feelings from the NBA Conference Finals. The raunchy and ridiculous “I Am Not A Whore” was the clear fan favorite during the middle of the show until Redfoo began the opening line of 2009 single “Yes”.

LMFAO’s lyrics are perfunctory and Redfoo’s stage banter contains only a smidge more thought. He vaguely mentioned gender politics before changing gears right into “Hot Dog”. Any opportunity to point to a girl in the audience and accuse her of staring at his package, he took. Just because his double entendres didn’t make sense didn’t stop him. When he tried to guess the female to male ratio in the audience, he simply called it the “fellatio ratio”.

Assistance helped sustain the set. He performed the LMFAO verse of David Guetta’s “Gettin’ Over You” while the music video in the background covered the vocals from Chris Willis and Fergie. A cover of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” fit right into the show’s vibe, but could’ve easily been replaced with an original. They followed that with their remix of David Rush’s “Shooting Star”. Quest Crew, winners of the third season of America’s Best Dance Crew, provided a live auto tune break before the show’s end to give Redfoo extra time for another costume change. Their dance routine was impressive, complete with many head spins, but a weird energy break for the crowd.

With no backing band, the show was very much all about Redfoo. Guitarist David Boyles did hit the stage for a few songs, but mostly to join in the celebration, not to be heard. All vocals got the autotune treatment, as this was an atmosphere that could benefit from backing beats more than actual singing. Songs like “Get Crazy” were just fuel for the festivities.

An extended version of “Shots” ended the main set, with Boyles finally getting his time in the spotlight. He played riffs from “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Seven Nation Army” while Redfoo jumped around stage and played the drums. Fans had to wait until the encore for the band’s breakout hit “Party Rock Anthem”. “Champagne Showers” followed, with Redfoo and the backup dancers making good on the song’s title with the audience.

Although they never seemed to run out of booze, everyone left the stage again for a few minutes to change for the last song of the night. “Sexy and I Know It” saw Redfoo and company strip down to Speedos for one last banger (and of course, a chance to flash his tanned cheeks). When it comes to showing the audience a good time, LMFAO has no shame.

Openers Far East Movement proved that while they may be as gimmicky as LMFAO, they could use some of the main act’s party tips. A Beastie Boy’s tribute, however, was unexpected and fun. Their set didn’t heat up until they performed number one single “Like a G6”. Capitalizing on their known material, Far East Movement were smart to get Matthew Koma to sing Ryan Tedder’s part of “Rocketeer” to close their set.

DJ Sidney Samson, Eva Simons and Koma also performed opening sets.

1.  Rock The Beat II
2.  Sorry for Party Rocking
3.  Get Crazy
4.  Take It To the Hole
5.  Put That Ass To Work
6.  I’m in Miami Bitch
7.  Gettin’ Over You (David Guetta cover)
8.  Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas cover)
9.  Shooting Star (David Rush cover)
10. Reminds Me Of You
11. I Am Not A Whore
12. Hot Dog
13. One Day
14. Yes
15. Quest Crew Dance Mashup
16. Shots
17. Party Rock Anthem
18. Champagne Showers
19. Sexy And I Know It

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