Lil Wayne hits Massachusetts

A review of Lil Wayne, T.I. at the Comcast Center on August 4, 2013

, Managing Editor

Lil Wayne is on the road this summer for the second installment of the “America’s Most Wanted” tour, but judging from the far from soldout Comcast Center on Sunday night, it wasn’t America’s most wanted ticket this season. Still, it didn’t stop Weezy from living large, per usual, and giving another over-the-top performance.

Two of Wayne’s greatest interests, skateboarding and women, were on full display during his performance. The set was designed to look like a skatepark, complete with four skaters riding ramps and grinding railings. The rapper even took to a board himself on show closer “No Worries”, much to the delight of the crowd.

As a frequent patron of strip clubs, it’s no wonder where the Young Money headman found the inspiration for his dance troupe. He even held his own amateur night, inviting several ladies to the stage to shake what they got during “Pop That”. After the dirty twerk-fest that ensued I guess it would be quite the stretch to call them ladies.

Much of Lil Wayne’s work comes in the form of collaborations, which actually causes live performances to suffer since a lot of songs get cut to snippets. Luckily, Wayne had T.I. and Birdman on hand to help out, each joining the star for two tracks and adding energy to an already lively show.

Aside from a lull in the middle of the show where Wayne left the entertainment to his DJ while he took a break, the night moved at a rampant pace, with quick bursts of excitement perfect for the YouTube-generation followers filling the stands. Hits like “Lollipop” and “A Milli” got the full treatment but still kept the audience’s attention with ease.

The MC ended the night with some surprisingly poignant words, reminding his followers that “tomorrow is not promised”, likely inspired by his recent health troubles. Of course he followed that with a highly sexual, filthy closing number, “No Worries”, showing once again that with Lil Wayne, you get a little bit of everything.

T.I. opened the show, calling himself the “welcoming committee” for the “America’s Most Wanted Tour”. It seemed like a long introduction as his set dragged at times, but hits like “Whatever You Like”, “Bring ‘Em Out”, and “Live Your Life” made up for some of the filler. T.I.’s show had more of a theme than Wayne’s, with videos pertaining to his new outlook on life, which would be staying out of trouble. The man who calls himself “The King” sure seemed in a royally good mood as he danced about the stage and even threw in some light fare with his part in the summer’s biggest hit, “Blurred Lines”.

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