LCD Soundsystem throw dance party at the Orpheum

A review of LCD Soundsystem at the Orpheum Theatre on September 28, 2010

, Staff Writer

LCD Soundsystem’s third album, This Is Happening, came out in May to almost universal acclaim. James Murphy, the producer behind the name, successfully lived up to what proved to be an incredible amount of hype, releasing an LP that not even six months into 2010 cemented its place on a number of top-ten lists. Murphy, along with an extensive stage band, took his act to the road, touring extensively across the country. He recently hit the Orpheum to showcase a number of new tracks, as well as several old stand-bys that fans have grown to love.

The show started with a one-two punch of “Dance Yrself Clean” and “Drunk Girls”, which also open This Is Happening. The lengthy quiet section of “Dance” went by surprisingly quickly, and while it didn’t quite open the show up with the immediate bang that most bands’ set lists tend to, halfway through, the drums kick in, synths become deeper and fuller, and the lights start going off in earnest. It was at this point that the show really became the dance party that was expected.

From there, the show settled into a healthy mix of old and new tunes. “Yr City’s A Sucker” slowed things down as the set reached its mid-point, and had Murphy doing his best David Byrne impression, persistent repetition and all. This brief lull only lasted for one song, though, as the band quickly dropped into “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”, which may be LCD Soundsystem’s best-known work.

“All My Friends” was another well-received tune, perfectly-placed and adored by everyone. Simply everyone in the crowd knew the words, and the piano chord that opens the song was met immediately with excited cheers. By the end of the song, the Orpheum had turned into a total bliss-out, the band holding everyone in rapture for six minutes. “All My Friends” really served as the show’s emotional peak – from here on out, it was simply a matter of bringing everyone back down to earth. The rest of the set was no less than a sweaty, sexy dance party, an avenue through which everyone could let out the rest of their energy. “Movement” brought things back to rock and roll, a noise punk tune that had Murphy ranting over waves of distortion and crashing cymbals. The set closed with “Yeah”, which brought things to an end with a bang.

The band came back out for a quick encore of “Someone Great”, “Losing My Edge”, and ended with “Home”, which itself is musically “Dance Yrself Clean”, bringing the set back full-circle, and a suitable conclusion to an exercise in endurance for many in the crowd.

James Murphy has proven himself to be an incredibly influential figure in today’s realm of popular music, with the cultural and musical savvy to be able to continually put out records that receive such high accolades. There’s no reason Mr. Murphy won’t be able to keep the streak alive, and I’m sure anticipation is already building for LCD Soundsystem’s next album.

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