Nicki Minaj overshadows the boys at Summer Jam

A review of JAM'N 94.5’s Summer Jam at the Comcast Center on June 2, 2012

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The circumstances surrounding JAM’N 94.5’s annual Summer Jam last Saturday were less-than-ideal. Not only was the show nowhere near sold out and ran behind schedule, but between the temperature drop and the constant rain, it wasn’t exactly a great day for an outdoor concert. Despite all the hiccups along the way, the fans were there to have a good time and for the most part the artists on stage delivered.

From Wale opening the show to Tyga in the third-to-last slot of the night, several reoccurring moves quickly appeared. To begin with, those two both dove into the crowd (although the feat was slightly more impressive when Wale did so without any security present). Beginning with Kid Ink, several of the male rappers chose to remove their shirts (much to the glee of the female audience members in attendance), including Big Sean, who actually put on a robe immediately after disrobing on stage. Many of the initial seven also mentioned the conspicuous odor in the air, an easy transition for B.o.B into the title track off of his new album, “Strange Clouds”. And of course, every single man who appeared on stage that night had to shout-out to the ladies in the crowd – in particular, those who were “single for the night”.

But even with all of the similarities, some artists stood out more than others. Diggy Simmons stepped out of his father Rev. Run’s shadow looking more stylish than many of the other male artists at the show and proving he had the flow to back it up. Both Tyga and Big Sean (who is much smaller than his name would lead one to believe) were big successes that night, the former getting the crowd into a frenzy with hits like “Rack City” and the latter even making a welcome return to the stage during Nicki Minaj’s set for their song together, “Dance (A*$)”. B.o.B was a breath of fresh air in the middle of it all, bringing a more melodic element to the evening with his older radio hits “Airplanes” and “Nothin’ On You” far outshining his latest single “Both Of Us” (featuring Taylor Swift).

The real star of the night, however, was the one lady of night: the infamous Ms. Nicki Minaj. Beginning the night in a monk’s robe surrounded by dancers, she quickly tore it off to reveal neon, studded clothes, which were later traded out for a white look featuring a see-through skirt. Hers was the first real show of the night, with extensive choreography, an air gun for her to shoot off and more extensive crowd interaction. But even with the personas and over-acting that have become her signature, Minaj had a genuineness to her performance that surprised and endeared. Saving recent favorites including “Starships” and “Super Bass” for the end of her set, there was a balance and a flow to the 40-minute that made it feel more complete than any other individual performance at the day festival. A large portion of the audience was so satisfied after Minaj’s set that they quickly departed prior to closer Rick Ross, whose devoted fans nevertheless made up for this fact by rushing towards the stage to support the rapper.

Overall, the night left the fans that showed up happy for coming, and showcased some great up-and-coming talent in the hip-hop world. But let’s face it, guys: step aside and let the lady do her thing.

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