Great Big Sea delight with classics in Lowell

A review of Great Big Sea at the Lowell Summer Music Series on August 23, 2013

, Editor-in-Chief

They aren’t Canada’s biggest export but over the course of two decades, Great Big Sea have certainly built a rabid fanbase. Last Friday, they packed Boarding House Park in Lowell as the pride of New Foundland delighted with a career-spanning set in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

    Full review to follow…

1.  Ordinary Day
2.  Donkey Riding
3.  When I’m Up
4.  The Night Pat Murphy Died
5.  Heart of Hearts
6.  Goin’ Up
7.  England
8.  Concerning Charlie Horse
9.  Good People
10. Safe Upon the Shore
11. When I Am King
12. Scolding Wife
13. What Are You At?
14. Let My Love Open the Door (Pete Townshend cover)
15. Sea of No Cares
16. Helmethead
17. Consequence Free
18. Mari-Mac
19. Run Runaway (Slade cover)
Encore #1
20. Live This Life
21. Old Black Rum
Encore #2
22. Wave Over Wave

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