Garbage make up for lost time at the Paradise

A review of Garbage at Paradise Rock Club on May 25, 2012

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For nearly the past decade, 90’s rock darlings Garbage have been largely inactive, but 2012 has seen a rebirth of foursome as they’ve recently released their fifth studio album, Not Your Kind of People. They proved that they’re still Boston’s kind of people with a sold out show at the Paradise Rock Club on Friday night.

The Paradise floor was packed, causing the cozy club to feel like a sauna in the middle of Hell, but Garbage were able to beat the heat with an energetic set full of hits. For an established band like Garbage, they certainly could have set up shop at a larger venue, but perhaps chose the club scene as a way to ease back into the spotlight. Nevertheless, they didn’t ease into anything during their show, thrilling their eager fans with their polished sound, despite the layoff from the road.

Leading lady Shirley Manson seemed to love the club scene, mentioning that she “couldn’t remember the last time the audience was so close” and fully enjoying a crowd that was a little “left of center”, just like her band. The audience was surely happy to have Manson so close as well, particularly as she explored the petite stage during “Shut Your Mouth” and “Why Do You Love Me” amongst others. Manson’s most charming moment came when she introduced “Special””by joking that it was probably written before some of the attendees were born. She received a response from a fan that led her to playfully exclaim, “You were five?! Oh, I can’t fucking stand it!”.

Garbage’s fans here in Boston proved their loyalty not only through packing the Paradise, but with their celebration of the band’s latest material, which only came out a few weeks ago. “Automatic Systematic Habit” had the floor hopping with its big sound, and funky electronic vocal effects. While, the encore kicked off with “Battle In Me”, which was certainly entertaining considering Manson introduced it as the “filthiest song they’ve ever written”.

For whatever reason, Garbage aren’t one of those groups that continue to get airplay, and with the way today’s radio and TV goes, you likely won’t hear any of their new stuff incidentally either. Still, when the band can put on performances like they did in Boston, you’ll be sure to hear about them somehow.

1.  Supervixen
2.  Temptation Waits
3.  Shut Your Mouth
4.  Queer
5.  Metal Heart
6.  Stupid Girl
7.  Why Do You Love Me
8.  Control
9.  #1 Crush
10. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
11. Blood for Poppies
12. Special
13. Milk
14. Automatic Systematic Habit
15. I Think I’m Paranoid
16. Bad Boyfriend
17. Only Happy When It Rains
18. Push It
19. Battle In Me
20. The Trick is to Keep Breathing
21. Vow

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