Foster The People bring bright sound to Allston

, Managing Editor

When you’re an up-and-coming group it’s not the best idea to make your audience wait around as you arrive to the stage a half hour late, however, LA’s Foster The People made up for their tardiness with a thrillingly energetic live show at the Brighton Music Hall on Thursday.

The show in Allston was reported as sold-out, although the floor was just a little more than half-full as the band took the stage around 11:30. Regardless, FTP played as if they were trying to impress a room of thousands, and once they started playing it was easy to understand the extensive soundcheck. There were keyboards and synths scattered across the stage, with drums taking up the rest of the space that barely left any room for the five band members. This did not keep the group from constantly moving, as they shuffled their instrumentation more than a deck of cards, with band members jumping from instrument to instrument mid-song.

Foster The People only have a three-song EP out, with an album set to be released next month, yet they’re currently on a headlining tour thanks to the success of their hit single “Pumped Up Kicks”. The track is a mellow groove reminiscent of Peter, Bjorn, & John. Often times when a new band plays a show the sentiment for fans is that they’re just waiting it out until the hit song they seek makes its appearance in the encore. However, in Foster The People’s case, the rest of their material is so vivacious that the thought never crossed one’s mind. The band clearly has confidence in their sound, as they pulled the gutsy move of playing their hit during the main set.

The band followed their most well-known song with a track off their upcoming album, titled “Don’t Stop”. It was the only song to feature more stringed instruments than keyboards as frontman Mark Foster grabbed an acoustic guitar. They would return to cap off their short-but-sweet set with the infectious dance tune “Helena Beat”.

With an appearance at the Coachella Festival in their native state later this month and continued touring throughout the summer it’s likely that word is going to spread quickly about Foster The People in 2011. Although the mellow coolness of “Pumped Up Kicks” has already caught on, this band is almost certainly destined for further success thanks to a sound as bright as the California sun. It’s a sound worth waiting for.

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