Deftones at the Palladium on June 7

A review of the Deftones at the Palladium on June 7, 2007

, Editor-in-Chief

Still touring in support of last fall’s Saturday Night Wrist, the Deftones smacked the Palladium in Worcester with a heavy dose of hard rock. The show delivered a setlist of over 20 songs that chronicled the band’s decade-plus long career.

On stage the California-based band was a tight group, led by energetic frontman Chino Moreno, who prowled the stage like a caged lion. His vocals raced from calm to reckless screaming. The floor was a sea of crowd surfers and a mosh pit that rarely stopped. Unfortunately, for those that retreated to the balcony for fresh air, they were meet with horrible acoustics from the dire venue.

Surprisingly, it was 1997’s Around the Fur that dominated the show’s opening segment.& Fan favorites “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away),” “My Own Summer (Shove It),” “Around the Fur, “ and “Rickets,” all from the band’s sophomore release, were delivered consecutively to open the show.

Of course, the band did take time to promote their new album, Saturday Night Wrist with “Hole In The Earth,” “Rats! Rats! Rats!,” and “Mein.” They also reached back into the catalog for the screamer “Nosebleed” off Adrenaline, the stellar and more mellow “”Change (In The House Of Flies)” off White Pony, and the trashing& “When Girls Telephone Boys” off their 2003 self-titled album.

The Deftones also brought a more expansive stage show, complete with a light display that covered the entire backdrop and delivered videos for many songs. Unfortunately, the lights were too overpowering for the venue’s size, and the video’s images were too hard to depict, though none of that seemed to matter to the vociferous and crazed crowd.&

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