The B-52s and Go-Go’s team up for night of nostalgia

A review of The B-52's and Go-Go's at the Bank of America Pavilion on June 9, 2011

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It was an unofficial New Wave night at the Bank of America Pavilion on Thursday as two of the genre’s most beloved acts, The B-52s and The Go-Go’s, teamed up for a night of nostalgia. Although the rain was coming down and lightning flashed throughout the Boston skyline before the show, fans enjoyed the comfort of the big tent on the seaport dancing the night away to hit after hit.

The B-52s took the headlining slot of the Boston show, treating fans to their greatest hits and a mix of songs from their most recent release, 2008’s Funplex. The group from Athens, Georgia kicked things off with “Pump” from said album and would continue to throw in a Funplex tune after a couple hits throughout the night. The newer songs were hit and miss. The title track fared well as its quirky lyrics and danceable groove sounds like classic B-52s. However, the strange, robot-themed “Love in the Year 3000” was a bit too out there even for B-52s fans.

The ladies of the group, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson, still sound terrific while vocalist Fred Schneider is as sassy as ever. Schneider showed his famous wit when he introduced “Mesopotamia” by saying, “since you’ve been learning all sorts of history lessons from Sarah Palin, here’s another history lesson”. Later Schneider would take a break while Pierson and Wilson took fans “on a trip” dueting on one of their biggest hits, “Roam”.

Although the B-52s are best known for their 1989 smash hit “Love Shack”, its performance at the end of the main set was less dance-y than expected. Instead, it was show closer “Rock Lobster” that stirred the audience the most as fans jived from the first riff all the way through all the creature noises.

Originally planning on a farewell tour in 2010, the Go-Go’s postponed their tour dates due to a knee injury suffered by guitarist Jane Wiedlin. Instead of saying farewell, the girl group is currently on tour in celebration of the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Beauty and the Beat.

Although the ladies aren’t as wild as they were in their heyday, they certainly still got the beat. They cheered up fans’ rainy day right from the start as they started the show with “Vacation”. The Go-Go’s setlist naturally consisted heavily of Beauty and the Beat material. Fans certainly enjoyed hits ‘We Got the Beat” and “Our Lips Are Sealed” while songs like “How Much More” and “Lust to Love” continued to prove why the album is so endeared.

It was clear that fans came to dance when some of the slower numbers like “Automatic”  weren’t as well-received, while upbeat tracks like “Get Up and Go” and “Unforgiven” had the dance party going long before the B-52s hit the stage.

Looking looser as they appeared for their encore (including Wiedlin sporting a funky wig) the band were all smiles closing their set out with “Head Over Heels”, and the audience’s reaction made it easy to see that they aren’t ready to see The Go-Go’s go either.

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