3 Doors Down, Staind & Hinder rock Comcast

A review of 3 Doors Down, Staind and Hinder at the Comcast Center on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

, Staff Writer

Drowning out passing thunderstorms, 3 Doors Down, Staind, and Hinder rocked the Comcast Center in Mansfield on Tuesday night.

Riding high off the success of their recently released (and highly anticipated) self-titled album, 3 Doors Down delivered a powerful ninety minute performance that underscored their unique brand of ‘Southern (NASCAR) Rock’. The Mississippi natives opened the show with the deafening roar of an approaching “Train”, closed the show with sounds of errant gunfire after the emotional “When I’m Gone” and were in complete command of the near capacity for every moment in between.

With a simple, no nonsense stage show (ok, yes, there were pyrotechnics), the quintet focused on the music and with the ability to draw from nearly a decade of hit songs, it was no surprise that the band chose to play their breakthrough single, “Kryptonite” early in the set. Hitting their stride, the band mixed it up between slow sensitive ballads that showcased lead singer Brad Arnold’s distinctive voice, including “Away from the Sun” and “Be Like That” and numbers that drew on guitarist Chris Henderson’s tremendous talent like “Landing in London” and “The Road I’m On”.

Before closing out the main set, Arnold took time out to acknowledge the support of ‘my friends’ (the fans), saying “a lot of you have already bought the record, so thank you, and sing along if you know the words”, from the sound of it, the majority of the audience was already familiar with “Let Me Be Myself”, which would explain why the album debuted at #1 on the billboard charts.

Back on stage for what would be the first of two encores, the band brilliantly preformed “Here Without You”, and the extended ovation after “Loser” proved that no one wanted the night to end.& So, despite the fact that the road crew had already begun to break down the stage, the band returned for two more songs (We are fairly sure that was planned, as there was still 15 minutes left before the 11pm Mansfield curfew), their current single “It’s Not My Time” and show closer “When I’m Gone”, which included a moving tribute to all that serve our country.

While 3 Doors Down wowed the audience, it was the local band Staind that generated the largest ovations of the evening. Before launching into the guitar heavy “Price to Play”, lead singer Aaron Lewis said, “Good to be Home”, and the audience went mad (and stayed there). Following up with, “Just Go” and “Fade”, the Springfield, MA based quartet sounded amazing as they alternated effortless between alt-heavy metal songs and mainstream hits.

With their sixth studio album, The Illusion of Progress, due to be released on August 19th, the band played their latest single “Believe” which, based on the crowds reaction, has the potential to be a hit. However, the highlight of the sixty minute set was the back to back performances of crowd favorite “Outside” and the beautifully performed cover by Lewis of Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”.

After an amazing performance of “Right Here”, that showcased drummer Jon Wysocki’s incredible talent, Lewis gave the hometown crowd a heartfelt thanks saying, “For all of you who came out to see Staind, you are the best fans a fucking band can dream of having”. The band then worked the crowd into frenzy with their smash hit “Mudshovel”.

After supporting act Jet Black Stare played a few forgettable tunes, the heavily hyped Hinder took the stage for what can only be described as a disappointing set. Despite the (unwarranted) success of their debut album Extreme Behavior, the Oklahoma based rockers did a poor job in translating what was a mediocre studio album into a credible live performance. While drummer Cody Hanson’s performance was fantastic and incredibly entertaining to watch, the heavy percussion overwhelmed lead singer Austin Winkler’s vocals, resulting in the lyrics from their latest single “Use Me” being virtually unrecognizable. Whether it was the poor sound quality, or Winkler’s lame attempt to channel Areosmith’s Stephen Tyler (complete with a microphone draped in bras!), or the nauseating song “Lips of an Angel”, the band did little to impress the sparse crowd. Let’s see if it impacts record sales when their sophomore album, Take it to the Limit, drops on November 4th.

While all three bands are on the road this summer, garnering support for new music, that is where the similarities between them end. Tuesday night’s performance absolutely separated the men from the boys in the h

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