Daughtry heats up Showcase Live with intimate show

A review of Daughtry at the Showcase Live! on August 4, 2009

, Staff Writer

Celebrating the release of their sophomore album, Leave This Town, Daughtry delivered an energetic, hard rocking, yet remarkably intimate performance before a sold-out crowd at Showcase Live! on Tuesday night.

The North Carolina-based band, who hit the Hub as part of a thirteen date promotional club tour, demonstrated that they have not only have staying power beyond the aura of American Idol, but that they are true contenders for one of the best rock bands out there. And make no mistake; these guys are a band in every sense of the word. While Chris Daughtry, who was an Idol finalist, may have the name recognition, it is the collaboration, chemistry and genuine affection that the quintet have for one another that makes Daughtry so successful. And great, heartfelt, relatable songs performed by hot guys doesn’t hurt either.

Captivating the audience from the first song, they hit the stage with “Every Time You Turn Around” from their latest album and despite the album being released less than a month ago, the predominately female audience knew every word. Genuinely humbled by the crowd reaction, front-man Chris Daughtry happily turned over the vocals to the crowd, setting the stage for what would be a highly interactive show.

Up next was “It’s Not Over” from their self-titled debut album followed by “Ghost Of Me” and the band’s latest single “No Surprise”, a catchy break-up song which was co-written by Nickeback’s Chad Kroeger. After taking time to shake a few hands, Daughtry checked in with the audience jokingly asking, “anyone have a bad seat?”. Then it was back to the music and showcasing back to back songs off his new album, the ballad “Open Up Your Eyes” and Chris’s personal favorite, ”September”.

For the balance of the seventy-five minute set, the band alternated between new and old material, including, “Over You” and “Supernatural” all of which were met with the same enthusiasm from both the audience and the band. The highlight of the show was the performance of “Feels Like Tonight”, during which the chemistry between the band and the audience was undeniable. Then, to close out the main set, the band performed “There And Back”.&

Returning to the stage for a quick two song encore, including their next single “You Don’t Belong” and the smash hit “Home”, Daughtry took time out to thank the audience for a great night, “Have you had fun with us tonight? I doubt you have had as much fun as we have! Hopefully we will be back in the area before the end of the year.”&

While Daughtry has yet to announce a fall tour, though rumors of a small-arena tour are circulating, if you get a chance to see the rockers take it, you won’t be disappointed.
Opening the show in impressive form was David Hodges. While Hodges may not yet be a household name, the talented singer-songwriter is responsible for penning some of the most popular songs of the past decade including co-writing Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life”, Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” and “What About Now” for Daughtry. Having recently signed a solo deal, Hodges is touring in support of his debut album The Rising. Based on audience reaction, literally hundreds of fans took to their i-phones and blackberrys to Google the artist as he left the stage, he might not be an opening act for long.

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