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Thanks to everyone for sending their questions in for the John Butler Trio edition of Readers’ Spotlight. We picked five of our favorite random questions by you, the readers, out of our mailbox and put them straight to the source, frontman John Butler. Here’;s what he had to say:

1. Do you prefer playing at home in Australia or in the States?
from Rachel in West Orange, New Jersey

John Butler (JB): Ah, you know the world is my home, and that’s where I feel comfortable playing. I wouldn’t like to play on the moon I don’t think, but I like it here.

2. You are broadening your horizons, to other countries, do you see your self changing who you are to fit in with a global population, or is your music turning into what you always thought it would be?
from Jamie in Australia

JB: One, it’s always changing. Everything is changing, but I don’t change to fit into any one place. I’m constantly evolving as a machine. On my last CD, I wanted to put a lot more reggae into my music, Grand National is what it was, a good album. And now I’m looking to do more hip-hop, dance hall, reggae lately and that’s what will be going in my next album. Those are popular rhythms and I’m influenced by popular music. It’s constantly changing, but I only change for myself. I make my art for myself first and foremost. If I enjoy it first, then I can take people on that ride with me.

3. You’ve done the blues and you’ve done the funk, what’s next?
from Liza in Australia
JB: I think I’m just going to distill it a bit more, I think those rhythms need to be distilled. A little more hip-hop, a little more dance hall.

4. What’s on your iPod right now?
from Sean in Franklin, Massachusetts

JB: Dance hall here and there, lots of Damian Marley. I just bought the Nelly Furtado album, I’m really liking that. What else…I’m always into Gillian Welch and stuff like that. I’m kind of just going through a lot of new stuff lately.

5. What can we expect from the show at the Orpheum?
from Dave in Brockton, Massachusetts

JB: You can expect pretty much 100%. We kind of gear up every time we go onstage. It’s gonna be a show that goes from extremely quiet to really bloody loud. Heavy band to solo instrumentals, it’;s all over the joint. But it’s a great journey.

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