O.A.R. hosts songwriting contest on Twitter

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Of A Revolution (O.A.R.) are turning to their fans on Twitter for songwriting help. The band are conducting a contest on the social media website where fans can suggest lyrics that will ultimately result in a new tune being released exclusively through iTunes this fall.

From now through July 7, fans can submit their lyrics via tweets, which are limited to 140 characters at a time, to O.A.R.’s Twitter page. The band will pick three winning verses, a chorus, and a bridge that will make up the lyrics of the song. After the winning lyrics are picked and posted, fans will be able to submit suggestions for the song’s name on Twitter as well. The band will post exclusive video, picture, and audio content on their Twitter page throughout the recording process as they write, record, and produce the music inspired by the winning lyrics.

“I do a lot of co-writing,” O.A.R. frontman Marc Roberge told Billboard. “I like to meet up with songwriters in New York City but I guarantee you there are kids out there living in Kansas City who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to get their lyrics out there. So it’s a pretty original idea and a cool way to get together and be inspired by people that keep in touch with us.”

All proceeds from the sale of the sing, which will be released in October via iTunes, will be donated to the Heard the World Fund which provides resources for under-funded educational and youth oriented programs such as the Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Beyond the glory of co-writing a O.A.R. song, each winner will receive two tickets to the O.A.R. concert of their choice in 2009 or 2010 and will be able to meet the band.

O.A.R. will perform at the Bank of America Pavilion on Thursday, August 13 and Friday, August 14. Both shows will be part of the (RED)NIGHTS concert series to raise money and awareness for the ultimate goal of eliminating AIDS in Africa. Tickets are now on sale though Live Nation for $35. The band continues to tour in support of their sixth studio album, All Sides, which was released last summer.

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