U2 tops Billboard’s ‘Money Makers’ list

, Staff

U2 sit atop the recently announced Top 40 Money Makers of 2009 by Billboard Magazine. The legendary Irish rockers earned $109 million from record sales, touring and royalties last year in the United States, which was almost double what the second placed Bruce Springsteen earned ($57.6 million).

Madonna, who topped the 2008 list, came in third with $47.2 million. The top ten was rounded out by AC/DC ($43.6 million), Britney Spears ($38.8 million), Pink ($36.3 million), Jonas Brothers ($33.5 million), Coldplay ($27.3 million), Kenny Chesney ($26.5 million) and Metallica ($25.5 million).

Billboard’s list is based on the artist’s share of revenue as opposed to total dollars generated by each artist in the ranking. For more information on the complicated formula, go here


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