Sublime to hit Boston with new lead singer

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Fourteen years after the death of lead singer/guitarist Bradley Nowell, the surviving members of Sublime will return to the road for a spring tour. The new-look band features original members bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh with new frontman Rome Ramirez and thus are aptly called, Sublime with Rome. The 90’s ska-punk favorites will visit Boston on Monday, May 3 for a show at the House of Blues. Tickets for the show, which range in price from $25 to $35, go on sale Friday at 10 a.m.. The Dirty Heads and Del Mar will open the show.

“To go back out on the road and play this music again is a gift,” said Gaugh in a press release. “We want to celebrate the music and share the experience for not only our fans, but also for ourselves. It’s been 14-years and is long overdue. This tour will be full of surprises. Sublime has never used a set list. We will be performing songs off every album and will mix it up from show to show, never delivering the same set twice. We’ve also been working on some new material and have put together a couple of songs with Rome. We’re excited to introduce them, and Rome, to all our fans.”

Ramirez, a 21-year-old northern California native, was introduced to Gaugh and Wilson in 2008. He first performed with the two last fall, as part of the Smokeout Festival in California. Wilson and Gaugh originally planned on working with Rome under the band’s original name. However, a Los Angeles court denied the two the right to use the moniker because it was officially trademarked by Nowell, who expressed that he did not want it used without his inclusion.

Portions of the proceeds from the shows will go to benefit an addiction recovery program currently being developed to financially assist underprivileged teens and adolescents, in honor of Nowell, who succumbed to his own addiction when he passed away in May 1996.

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