Harmonix opens Rock Band platform to all bands

, Staff

With more than 1,000 tracks available to date in the Rock Band store, gamers will soon have the opportunity to pick from even more songs to download including their favorite local bands. Cambridge-based Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games recently announced that the Rock Band Network beta program is open to the public, giving emerging and established artists the tools needed to start authoring and submitting their music into Rock Band. The Rock Band Network, which was announced last summer, will gives musicians, publishers and record labels the ability to author their original recordings into gameplay files to promote and sell their music as playable Rock Band tracks through the soon-to-launch Rock Band Network Music Store.

Artists who submit songs for the Rock Band Network Music Store will be able to choose from multiple pricing tiers for individual tracks and receive a royalty of 30 percent of the retail selling price (excluding tax) for every track purchased through the Rock Band Network Music Store. Once tracks are approved after a period of testing, songs will be transferred to the Rock Band Network Store, where gamers will be available to preview each. Songs will debut exclusively on Xbox 360 for 30 days. A selection of standout tracks will then be made available on the PlayStation 3 and Wii.

“We are excited to democratize the Rock Band platform and expand the music discovery experience to the greater music community with the Rock Band Network,” said Alex Rigopulos, CEO and co-founder of Harmonix in a press release. “We believe this will be great for fans, music lovers, bands and the music industry as a whole.”

Bands looking for more information on how to submit a song to the Rock Band Network, can find more information here.


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