Yann Tiersen to bring Skyline stateside

, Staff

Yann Tiersen has announced plans for a stateside tour this spring in support of his forthcoming album Skyline. The Frenchman will perform at Boston’s Royale on Sunday, April 29. Tickets for the show are now on sale through Ticketmaster for $20.

Skyline, Tiersen’s seventh studio album, will hit stores on April 17. The new album represents a subtle shift from the somber tone of his last release, 2010’s Dust Lane. The video for lead single “Monuments” is streaming below.

“Strangely while Skyline musically comes across as lighter and happier than Dust Lane the subject matter is somewhat darker,” said Tiersen, who is known for his work in the films “Amélie” and “Goodbye Lenin”, in a press release. “There is certainly a sense of moving on and what thoughts are left having dealt with loss.”

Recorded in San Francisco, Paris and Ouessant (off the coast of West Britanny), Skyline features a smooth blend of vintage synths, analogue textures and electric guitar riffs. “My plan was also to play with contrast between electric and quite dense parts and more sober and minimal quiet parts including piano and strings,” he said. The record was mixed by Ken Thomas (David Bowie,  M83).

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