Umphrey’s McGee make plans for Boston

, Staff

Umphrey’s McGee have announced plans for a tour in support of their latest album, Death By Stereo. The Chicago rockers will visit the House of Blues in Boston on Friday, February 10 at 7:00. Tickets are on sale now through Live Nation for $25 and $35.

Death By Stereo, which hit stores last September, is Umphrey’s McGee’s sixth studio recording. The album, which follows 2009’s Mantis, stays true to the band’s improvisational nature.

“We have the aspect of the concept that a few of our songs, or sections of songs, come from concerts where we’ve been improvising and hit on something we felt could potentially be a selection for something,” said keyboardist Joel Cummins in a recent interview with The Aquarian. “I think inspiration can come from anywhere. We’ve tried to make a habit of writing in a lot of different ways.”

The album is a testament to the band’s progress in listening and reacting to each other during play, according to Cummins. “Whereas before, when you get started and you’re playing with other people and you’re listening to what they’re playing, it can often be challenging to figure out what key it is, and now I think all of our ears have progressively gotten better,” he added. “So it’s still exciting to see all of us doing different things to try to improve and try to become better listeners, try to become better songwriters. Just better players with each other; that’s what it’s all about.”

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