The Human League plot stateside tour

, Staff

The Human League have revealed plans for a tour of the United States in support of their first studio release in a decade, Credo. The English pop trio will cross the pond and hit Boston’s House of Blues on Thursday, September 22. Tickets for the show are now on sale through Live Nation for $35. The recently reunited Men Without Hats will provide support.

Credo, which the band released in March, is The Human League’s first album since 2001’s Secrets. It was produced by fellow residents of Sheffield, England, production duo i-Monster.

“We recorded our bit, then our producers threw it all in the bin and told us to do it again,” vocalist Susan Ann Sulley said of the recording process in an interview with the RealMusic Blog earlier this year. “But making an album isn’t necessarily fun – it’s hard work.”

“[Credo’s] what we always do,” Sulley said. “It’s an album using drum machines, synthesizers and voices. There are proper songs on it too because that’s what The Human League does.”

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