The Ataris to celebrate So Long Astoria on tour

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The Ataris have revealed plans to hit the road in 2014 to celebrate their breakthrough album, So Long Astoria. The tour, which will mark the first time in decade with its classic lineup, will stop in Boston for a night at the Brighton Music Hall on Saturday, March 29. Tickets for the show will go on sale Friday at noon through Ticketmaster for $20. Authority Zero, Drag The River and Gasoline Heart will also perform.

Formed in 1996, The Ataris went on to sign with Columbia Records in 2001. So Long Astoria, their fourth studio effort and first and only with the major label, featured singles “In This Diary” and “The Saddest Song” but it was the pop-punk rockers cover of Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” that propelled them into the mainstream. The band broke up in 2004, while frontman Kristopher Roe carried the band’s name on with a new lineup and released Welcome the Night in 2007.

On the upcoming tour, Roe will reunite with bassist Mike Davenport, drummer Chris Knapp and guitarist John Collura. Along with performing So Long Astoria in its entirety, the band will accompany the set with media from the old days. The Ataris, who reunited in October to discuss the tour, are also working on mini-documentary about their reunion and the making of So Long, Astoria.

“I’m looking forward to going out and bringing these songs to a crowd and really giving it our all, and hopefully bringing some of these fun memories back to our fans,” said Roe in a press release. “I really feel like the most important thing is to be reconnected with three of my old best friends. I’m excited to go out and make music with them again.”

“It’s a lot of nostalgia to come back and do this tour,” said Collura. “It’s a celebration of what the four of us accomplished as a band.”

“This tour, for me, means more of redemption,” added Davenport. “Us four reunited again, performing what I think is one of our best albums.”

“I haven’t seen these guys in forever,” concluded Knapp. “It’s going to be crazy.”

According to a report in Billboard, Roe hopes to use the proceeds from the tour to help fiance a new album. However, the album will not feature the classic lineup, who are only committed to the tour. Rather, Roe will record the tentatively titled Graveyard of the Atlantic with The Ataris’ pre-reunion lineup.

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